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The Benfits Of Being In-Tune With Your Customers

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The Benfits Of Being In-Tune With Your Customers

DarthSpuds's Avatar

03.10.2019 , 05:23 AM | #1
With the IP this game has.
With the game-making legacy Bioware had.
With the funding this game launched with.
It SHOULD have been the WoW Killer so many people claimed it would be.

This is Star Wars - it is almost impossible to go worng using that as the basis of your product.
But Bioware seem to have managed just that.

The horrid truth is that Star Wars is where it is now, with barely 2% of the servers it launched with, with PvP that has never really been any good, with a Gear Grind despised by the vast majority of the player-base, with a 3 year story-arc most of which would never have made it beyond my waste basket, with barely enough funding to keep the lights on, much less meet the ambitious release schedule an, alleged, AAA, game requires, for one - massive - over-arching reason.

Bioware Austin seemingly goes out of its way to be as out-of-tune with its customers as is possible.

Maybe Bioware should go look at Critical Role to see what can happen when you are so In-Tune with your consumer base that they want to go out of their way to support you.

I refer to the recent Critical Role Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an Animated One-Shot based on the Vox Machina story.

The target was $750,000 over a 45 day period.
They smashed that total in under an hour, and is now at $6,811,000, new stretch goal are being added, new rewards for backers thrown in the mix.

Because Critical Role has a vision, an ethos, it gathered to it an audience committed to sharing that vision, to that ethos and it promised to never compromise on it.

And it hasn't.
And so every time Critical Role needs that bit of support from its consumer-base it is there, without question, without hesitation, and always it far exceeds that required of the situation.

Give your customer what you have agreed to give them, stay true to whatever original vision that was, keep them interested., invested and most importantly keep them feeling like they are a) valued and b) can trust you and the sky literally is the limit.

Maybe Bioware needs to consider than lesson... ...again.

All The Best

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03.11.2019 , 08:21 PM | #2
That won't generate the kind of return on investment the shareholders want to see, so it won't be done. They want like 150% or so, which isn't something you can get just by selling a good game unless it's mind-blowingly good, and EA doesn't leave artistic freedom for mind-blowingly awesome anything, or maintain that kind of working environment.

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03.13.2019 , 06:36 AM | #3
Take into consideration that most successful video games are already virtual addiction simulators.

The difference is when a game is so blatant, it breaks the fifth wall, "hey, I'm being exploited here."
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