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Anthem Players Organize Protest Over Stingy, Disheartening Loot Drops

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Anthem Players Organize Protest Over Stingy, Disheartening Loot Drops

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03.12.2019 , 05:36 PM | #1
Apparently end-game loot in Anthem is not only extremely grindy to get, but its stats are also entirely determined by RNG and often drops end up with the wrong stats for the build you're playing, or for the right build but with worse stats than what you already have despite it being allegedly 'end-game' gear.

(NSFW Warning: Jim Sterling can use naughty language)

A game overseen by Ben "RNG is EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!" Irving being super grindy and having randomized loot drops with terrible stat distributions that are worthless to you most of the time? Is anyone surprised by this?
"RNG is EXCITING!!!!!!" -- Ben Irving, Former SWTOR Lead Producer
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03.12.2019 , 06:00 PM | #2
"They fixed the fun to make it less fun".

Sound exactly like SWTOR has been for 2 years.

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03.13.2019 , 04:30 AM | #3
what did they expect ? They thumbed up a ****** game...they get ****** Loot! Serve them right!
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03.13.2019 , 05:28 AM | #4
Fans of Anthem are organizing a Blackout from 11th to 15th March in protest of Low Loot Drops and Loot Nerfs[1]

Protest to revert Loot drop changes. Bring back the Bug and let us taste the Lootshower. Stop Playing From 03/11/2019-03/15/2019 or 11/03/2019-15/03/2019 for us Europeans. to make a Point. Show them what we think by sheer player numbers alone![2]

I was debating making my own topic on anthem. this protest was was called a "blackout,' was in effect from March 11th through March 15. During the player blackout, I was going to recommend giving Division 2 a try, since that game launches March 15 and the 11th was the early access period for people who purchased the Gold, Ultimate or Phoenix edition of Division 2. It would make your protest a go by a lot easier having a good looter shooter to test out.

To me, Division 2, is a looter shooter that gets things right, players could give Bioware more accurate feedback on what you want to see out of Destiny, I mean, Anthem with more of those games under your belt.

The second point of making my thread on Division 2 while the anthem player blackout was in effect, is to announce that AFTER march 15th, Division 2 will no longer be sold on 3rd party key distributors. The only two places to buy a legitimate game key for Division 2 is directly from Ubisoft via the Uplay store or through the exclusivity partner, Epic Games Store, that cut out all of the following digital key distribution partners with their exclusivity deal.


On March 9th, I read a headline that Epic Games Store made the exclusivity deal that would go into effect after March 15th and and I have never proceeded to checkout faster for a game in my life.

if Bioware is reading this, it would be nice if you could restock the 180-day prepaid subscription game codes on amazon. It has perpetually been listed "currently unavailable" aka sold out. each and every time I looked since 2017.

Knocking out a bunch of birds with the same stone. I cut down three posts into one.

the inventors of the modern looter shooter genre, gearbox software, makers of Borderlands series have teased an announcement with their officer twitter account.
March 28th, probably announcing Borderlands 3.
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03.13.2019 , 06:09 AM | #5
Anthem will not be the SWTOR killer people feared it would be. At this rate, with such a level of dissatisfaction, I doubt anyone will remember Anthem existed this time next year.
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