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Level 1 Gold Spammers are whispering

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Level 1 Gold Spammers are whispering
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05.27.2017 , 01:21 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Yeah, my bad. I misspoke there and will correct it!

Maybe its that time when you could add someones account as friend or ignore him. Legacy friends?

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05.27.2017 , 02:10 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Toraak View Post
think I see a small error there eric. If you /ignore a character sending you a whisper, it only ignores that character, not the account. Unless there has been a change that I haven't noticed, or heard about.
I know that /report players that spam money works personally, as i have seen the Credit spamming almost all go away even from Fleet on Harbinger last week, and i think last night. Though last night i was only on Fleet a few minutes at a time.

But it IS our job to /report these people since Bioware has gotten' a lot more serious about those idiots. If you know without a shadow of a doubt who could be trying/ compromising your account then /report them to with evidence you could have.

I made a Thread a week ago telling people that it's most likely time for everyone to change the Passwords and got laughed at by some. But getting hacked in anyway, because some people would not change their Password is both Lazy and a terrible thing.
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05.30.2017 , 08:38 AM | #23
I agree with posters here.

For mail we should have 1 click that:
1.) Reports this email as spam
2.) ignore the sender
3.) Delete all messages from this sender on this character and all legacy characters. ( I hate to log in, and delete the message, then login to 8 other characters and delete the same message).

Most people do the same as I do, just tag message as ignore instead of report because it seems to benefit myself more, but the report would benefit the community more. We need a fix.

And as suggested, ignore should be MY LEGACY ignores all characters from the SENDERS LEGACY, not just existing characters but all newly created ones. Because really ignoring someone in most cases has nothing to do with character, it means this person wants to ignore the other person. That means 1 legacy ignores another legacy. These changes would help eliminate a lot of annoyance for players.

I mean really, if a person is spamming or being a jerk, what makes you think if they log on a different character all of a sudden that person is no longer a jerk? Unless that person is role-playing a jerk on one char and not the other....;-)

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05.30.2017 , 10:17 AM | #24
If you go into chat settings, you should be able to turn off whisper notifications. I did this ages ago.

Quote: Originally Posted by Stellarcrusade View Post
Most people do the same as I do
Usually it;s a very bad idea to speak as everyone on a support forum. You don't speak for everyone here and, on some support forums, this is seen as abusive and action is taken.

Placing spammers on ignore is an issue as we have a max limit on the number of folks we can place on the ignore list. You may want to consider removing the spammers every so often to stay away from that limit.

edit: Oh and I'll still trade any of you my 6.2 million we block at the routers on average each and every day.
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05.30.2017 , 11:18 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by dr_mike View Post
Usually it;s a very bad idea to speak as everyone on a support forum. You don't speak for everyone here and, on some support forums, this is seen as abusive and action is taken.
Thank you for pointing out that I was unclear how I wrote that. My post was meant to be from my perspective and knowledge, not the entire base of players, which I thought was clear. Allow me to correct that to avoid any confusion or hurt your feelings:

Of the approximately 50 people in my guild I have discussed this with, 1 person chooses to report instead simply ignore. The point of the post, and most peoples post in this thread is to suggest that we should have a single press that both ignores and reports. You bring up a good point about the limit of the ignore list, I suggest that it be made cyclical in a way where it only keeps the last X number of entries. So if the limit is 50, it automatically just keeps the last 50 you ignore. Players shouldn't have to (nor will they take the time to) maintain an ignore list properly.