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New Star Wars Movies 2022 and beyond....

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New Star Wars Movies 2022 and beyond....

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Yesterday , 08:12 AM | #41
P.S. like:

All that said about Ewoks, HK-47 has to be considered the pinnacle of the comedians-combining-fun-and -wisdom and the epitome of the ... Sages of Comedy!!
Obviously I speak about HK-47's presence in (at?) both (BioWare's) SW:KotOR and (Obsidian's) SW:KotORII;TSL!!

However HK-47 isn't (and can't be) relaxing; only an Ewok etc. can be so. As a counter-example C3-PO can't be relaxing because he is, a little-bit, ... untrustworthy ... and R2-D2 is present (and needed) mostly in hard times...

Therefore HK-47 (obviously a Drew Karpyshyn's invention) is the next (and perhaps the final!...) step in the funny part of the SW Saga, something than even George Lucas had not created; perhaps there wasn't place for something like that in the SW movies, nevertheless it's a greatest invention!! Obsidian's KotOR2 did ... really proper use of that ... titanic fun-and-wisdom generator also!!

By the way there are some creations within the SW Galaxy that I consider equally great with George Lucas' creations; firstly Obsidian Entertainment-Chris Avellone's SW:KotORII;TSL (for many, very important and pretty obvious reasons...) and then Alexander Freed's comic SW:TOR;BotE. This (short!!) comic is -by far- the most profound, wide and essential presentation of a traditional Sith society (here the SW:TOR Sith Empire) and a relevant, extremely noteworthy, pretty convincing and essentially remarkable Sith hero/anti-hero!!
Imho those works are real artistic achievements!!...

The bottom line is that any remarkable SW work has (comparatively) two advantages (!!...) over ... such monumental masterpieces as "Hamlet", "Richard III", "The Brothers Karamazov", "The Godfather" and "Children of the Arbat"; firstly some (...) economy of some artistic sort (due to the Force concept, that permits to represent and comment on social, political etc. structures and processes -and some relevant philosophical concepts- without the exact need of the explicit analysis of their creation, structure and functionality) and, then, the ability -due to the Force concept again!- to address much, much wider audiences than the -comparatively- very limited audiences of the aforementioned "top" masterpieces, works that however address only a hardcore part of the intelligentsia...