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Renown XP for weeklies capped for me.

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Renown XP for weeklies capped for me.

Big_Loom's Avatar

11.22.2019 , 01:35 AM | #1
I recently had some issues with my account and customer service was able to get my account fixed no problem, but since then every single weekly for any / all daily areas has "capped" my renown xp rewards. Depending on the daily area, the weekly will cap at 160k - 200k. That's with the consumable 100% boost, the 5 stage 10% renown legacy boost (where there's 2% for every level and you pay credits for each level) and the 25% legacy boost from getting alts up to command rank 300 before 6.0.

For example, after completing the Iokath weekly, I was supposed to receive over 517k renown points (which should have been 4-5 renown ranks) as shown in the image below.

However, after accepting my reward, I was only given around 217k / 1 renown rank (As noted in the chat log. See image below). I've noticed this happens with every mission reward that gives over 100k, even with conquest rewards.

I have made an in-game bug report and have received what I think is an automated response, but I wanted to follow up on the forums here as well just in case anyone else is experiencing this bug and may / may not realize it.

Big_Loom's Avatar

Today , 06:27 PM | #2
As of 6.0.2, this bug is still happening. I fear that I am the only person experiencing this bug. It is an extreme deterrent to do daily areas / weeklies for me knowing that I am getting screwed out of the renown xp I should be getting. I know the renown system is meant to be a supplementary gearing method, but still, I should be receiving the amount of renown xp the game is saying I should get.

Here's another example:

Onderon Weekly reward says I should have received 242,973 renown xp.

However, after accepting the reward, I was only given 94,080 for the weekly with an additional 21,697 (from the bonus I believe.) for a combined 115,777 and only 1 renown rank.

Since it seems I am the only person experiencing this bug, I assume it is of extremely low priority, but I hope a member of Bioware sees this eventually and works it into a future patch.