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Idea to improve/add to the Sniper class

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Idea to improve/add to the Sniper class

Natascha_Broers's Avatar

04.15.2015 , 03:46 PM | #1
Hi all,
I have been thinking about some ideas to make the Sniper class a little more exiting.
I love to play agent, and i love being a sniper but i am missing a few things.
So here i am, hoping maybe it will be a good idea and BioWare could actually see something in it?

1) I was thinking that a sniper has a sniper rifle, but no scope(view) it would be awesome to look trough a scope and
shoot your enemy.

2) A sniper can crouch..... but what about prone position? is it even possible? But i think it would be really cool to be able to lay down in the bushes, send your companion ahead and give him/her sniperfire support

3) Snipers should have ghillie suits It doesnt add much onto the characters ability, it only looks awesome.

These were my three ideas for improving the Sniper play a bit.
Any ideas that i missed? Please add to it as i would REALLY love to see the sniper wth some extra stuff.
It does not have to be a power improvement, but a visual improvement is actually some real good progress