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1v1 Tournament: URC #2 - Epeen on Tatooine! 25/04 7pm GMT

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1v1 Tournament: URC #2 - Epeen on Tatooine! 25/04 7pm GMT

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04.22.2015 , 01:51 PM | #1
We discovered a few things during the last 1v1 tournament. We learned that PT's can global sages, we learned that players struggle standing behind lines and we learned that Nexy "oh I'm not that good looking really" is a filthy *********** liar.

Well we're back for the second installment of the Ultimate Regstar Championship and this time we're taking it to the hot sandy dunes of Tatooine! Because spectators are mongs who struggle to stand back from fights causing massive amounts of lag we will now be hosting this tournament in a stronghold. We're hoping this should prevent the latency issues we've been experiencing and I'll be able to lower my blood pressure.

The format was a big success last time and we'll be repeating it this time. Stealth and non stealth will be separated in to separate brackets with the winners of each side having a show down at the end of the event.

Numbers will be slightly restricted this time. Due to the complication involved when we get over 32 players we're capping it at 16 per bracket this time with 4 spots open as back ups.

Tank specs are still allowed.

Ultimate Regstar Championship #2 - E-PEEN on Tatooine!

Date: Saturday 25th April 2015 - 7pm GMT
Location: Tatooine Stronghold
Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place will all receive prizes

Anyone who would like to donate credits / prizes for the tournament please get in touch with either Snave or Nexy on this forums or in game, we currently have a load of cartel codes to use as prizes and as giveaways throughout the night.

Pre Show hype:
URC #2:
Signup Sheet:


*32 spots available.
*Stealth vs Stealth in one bracket, Non Stealth vs Non Stealth in the other.
*Initial fights will be randomly assigned.
*Format will be 2 x Knockout rounds, Best of 3 Semi / Quarter finals, Best of 5 for the finals.


*Only one character sign up per person.
*DPS and Tank specs only.
*No use of Medpacks / Adrenals / Grenades or ANY other consumables with the exception of Stims.
*Rocket Boots / Mounts are not allowed.
*Failure to show up in time for the duel will result in disqualification.
*Server transfers are welcome to sign up
*No companions / external help
*The format and rules are subject to change. Any changes will be made as visible as possible.

If you're interested please type the character your wish to enter on / class / spec / faction below and I'll update the spreadsheet as we go along.