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Dxun's Stream

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01.09.2015 , 04:21 PM | #1
Hi everyone,
I will use this thread everytime I do a special stream. Tonight it is for hitting 400 Followers on twitch. So to thank you all I will be drawing several CC prices throughout the night including a hypercrate. So feel free to come by and say hello who knows you might win something !


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01.17.2015 , 09:43 AM | #2
Hello Everyone,
Redna from Ootini Cast and I will be streaming tonight. We will talk about all the Hot Topics in the old Republic. And the bigger the participation the more Cartel prizes will be given. I will start a warm up stream around 5PM EST. And will give more info through out the day. Get some rest it will be a rocky night !

Twitter @dxun54
Twitter @r3dn4


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01.18.2015 , 08:42 AM | #3
was good stream last night was glad to see the Streaming of swtor come together and have good time. And most of all was fun and there a few things that I picked up on that did not know. Looking forward to more of you and the other twitch Streamer's that i meet through both of you. Nice to find a list of those that pvp, Gsf and the pve/pvp. Just wish swtor would take the time to see how you guys take the game I love to the next level with fun and joy.

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04.10.2015 , 02:57 PM | #4
Hey everyone,
With Star Wars Celebration and SWTOR Cantina Approaching I decided to do a special stream tonight starting in about an hour from now. 6PM EST / 3PM PST. Lots of Giveaways going out including a pet code courtesy of Bioware. There will be some Regstar PvP and some Ops. And whatever else we feel like doing tonight. See you all in a few. or Both will be on since Twitch is worst than PMS.