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need better decorations

LordBloodrave's Avatar

06.24.2019 , 03:26 PM | #1
You open up a new world and boom theres some decorations , but i gotta tell you the last few planets you have opened the decorations are lame , more jedi and sith decorations would be great

casirabit's Avatar

06.25.2019 , 07:39 AM | #2
When they opened up Ossus all the decorations there were Jedi as that was a jedi colony. There are even some that drop. I have gotten Jedi Statutes, crystals and some holo fire lights. So not sure why you would think that this planet didn't have Jedi decorations.
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Xina_LA's Avatar

06.26.2019 , 09:48 AM | #3
Let's take a look at these "lame" decorations.

Crystal lights and sconces -- very nice! Goes well with existing and new crystal-themed decos.
Crystal containers -- non-utility crystal decorations, plenty of color variety.
Terrariums -- outstanding, with the exception of the ones that require a Large floor hook, having the same problem as other Large decos that can't be placed against a wall.
Shrines -- a wonderful variety of water, fire, holofire, and plain Jedi shrines, although one can be used for Sith.
Forges -- nifty stonework, nice combo pieces.
Monuments -- good looking, though we do already have a ton of Centerpiece hook items.
Disguise terminals -- INTERACTIVE decos are always amazing!
Trees and vines -- We were in desperate need of pot-less plants, awesome!

Plants and trees -- again, we needed more environmental decorations without pots for outdoor use.
Farm equipment -- opens a whole new theme for decorating.
Walls and fences -- the ability to divide or reskin existing areas is a huge help.

So, maybe these decorations don't suit you, but plenty of other decorators are happy to have them.

If there are specific decorations you want, make a list and post them under Suggestions. Every now and then, the devs release requested items, especially if they are existing assets and you can explain where they're found.
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