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The Eternal Order - Why we are the Best Guild on Satele Shan

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The Eternal Order - Why we are the Best Guild on Satele Shan

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01.11.2021 , 03:44 PM | #1
The Eternal Order [Guild on Satele Shan Server]

TEO is a large scale social guild on the Satele Shan server. We are a family, we have communities/inter-guild groups within our Republic and Imperial factions called Cadres. Let me go into a little summary of each one.

- Concord (CN) is The Eternal Order’s search and rescue cadre. We specialize in helping you with all your missions and questions, be it flashpoints, heroics, leveling, playing tips— you name it!.

- Umbra (UM) is our squad for Galactic Starfighter (GSF), Warzones (WZ), Unranked or Ranked. We are always looking for members who enjoy PvP and/or GSF to join Umbra!

- Forge (FO) is our crafting cadre where crafting and gathering enthusiasts unite to learn more and craft wonders for guild supplies and endgame crafting.

- Delta Legion (DL) is our endgame squad. Delta helps TEO members complete Master Mode Flashpoints (FP), Veteran and Master Mode Uprisings, 8-16 man Operations (OPS), and difficult world bosses. Delta also has hard mode and nightmare progression (prog) teams, for the Hardcore players.

- Legends (RP) cadre performs roleplay creating the legacy and story of our Order. If interested in our historic, story-based roleplay cadre, contact a Lead or Co-Lead.

- Finance (FN) is the cadre which supports guild cadres, events, and raffles by providing funds and finding prizes. If you are interested in helping raise funds or are simply someone who loves to surf the GTN for great deals, contact a lead or co-lead for more information.

As you can see we have something for everyone, and are active every day of the week, including weekly Guild meetings that you can attend, if you are online, that has a great event afterwards on Saturdays!

-We are not a Conquest Guild, however we compete and excel in Conquest due to activity and events held by our leadership which makes it fun for everyone! When we wanna win, we always do.

-We are self sustained which means you will not need to get in a Pick Up Group unless you want to. We group up when someone needs help all they have to do is ask and most of the time members will come and help you with Heroic runs, Flashpoints, or whatever.

-We have a discord server that is always active, with lots of guides and helpful tips for members. Including Voice chat channels for OPS, Groups, heck we even have our own DJ if you wanna listen to music while you play.

-We have great leaders who have game mechanics down to a science and the guild helps him out trying new stuff for testing. Our Officers are awesome!

-Are you a new player or returning one? We have something for everyone.

-PERKS! Well that goes without saying there are tons of XP, ZEAL SET BONUS, CRAFTING bonuses for being a member.

I think that covers some of the great reasons why you should join us. Space might be limited when you apply but good things come to those who wait, and we will get you in TEO if your patient.

How to apply:

-Whisper a member on Republic side (/who The Eternal Order) or on Imperial Side (/who The Eternal Ordér) on the Satele Shan Server

-Other Resources to Contact us and Apply

Discord: (Join the #looking_for_invite channel and apply via pinned msg template)
Steam Group:

See you soon!

Cupelix’wan (IMP) / Madiek (PUB)
Herald of The Eternal Order
Servant to Lord TrueMaztheGreat, Guild Founder

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01.14.2021 , 04:22 PM | #2
I would like to join your guild. I read the application instructions but I am unsure who to whisper