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Top 5 NON-FORCE USER characters.

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Top 5 NON-FORCE USER characters.

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08.13.2012 , 01:45 AM | #31
5. Rohlan Dyre/Canderous Ordo: the only mandalorians that I've found worth reading about.
4. Thrawn: A strategic and tactical genius. Not perfect, obviously, but one of the best ever. I firmly believe that it was because of him that the Empire managed to hold out long enough against the New Republic to allow it to maintain solvency and last into the Legacy Era.
3. Dengar: While he appears to be a joke at first glance, Dengar is one of the most awesome bounty hunters ever, story-wise. No special armor filled with gadgets. Just a rifle, some cybernetics and a brain with the capability to feel compassion, mercy and pity removed.
2. Wedge Antilles: The greatest pilot of the Rebellion. Sure, he lagged behind Luke, but he lacked Luke's connection to the Force.
1. Han Solo. No surprise here. I trust I need not explain.
Ruminara Ven
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08.20.2012 , 07:27 AM | #32
1) Grand Admiral Thrawn - Brilliant tactician and strategist; my favorite books are Outbound Flight and The Thrawn Trilogy

2) HK-47 - BA assassin droid from KotOR I & II with some hilarious dialog

3) Boba Fett - "The Best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy"; been a fan from the moment he first appeared in Empire Strikes Back

4) Mitthrawdo (my Chiss Imperial Agent) - I haven't finished the storyline yet, but so far he is a pretty BA spy

5) Han Solo - just an awesome smuggler and scoundrel brilliantly played by Harrison Ford.