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If Star Wars Galaxies Was Still Around I'd Be There; I Miss Crafting

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If Star Wars Galaxies Was Still Around I'd Be There; I Miss Crafting

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01.04.2012 , 03:42 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Dave_Bodom View Post
What actually was crafting like on SWG? I never played and the answers probably numerously posted everywhere (probably even this topic, i admit i skim read it) but im curious just from all the love ive seen it given but i never played
Gathering was more in depth...instead of just "Steel" and "Iron", there were multiple types of the item scattered around all of the had to find the best type of this item by surveying (Yes, they had stats too), and place harvesters down, or if you couldn't afford them or couldn't make them yet, you would take samples.

Crafting itself made use of many components. IIRC a small house was like 10 wall modules, some storage module, and a power unit, plus something else that escapes me ATM. All were crafted before you could make the final product.

You might be saying now "Well, screw that..." You could buy/make factories that produced these components for you en masse...this aspect is closest to TOR's crafting, but not by much, however you could drop the mats in, tell it what to make, and let it run unattended...You could then mass produce the finished product with a factory.

The biggest thing was that everything you needed for your toon was crafted. All speeders, weapons, armor, even stimpacks and buffs like spice. Houses, starships, components for your starships...the list goes on and on...
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01.28.2012 , 03:23 PM | #32
After one month of SWtor all I have to say is that my money is ready to subscribe to SWG again. Honestly SWG had everything in place to be an amazing Star Wars experience but was backed by a terrible company. Pass the game into the hands of a real company (BioWare) and watch the game become something amazing again.