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12.17.2019 , 08:19 AM | #1
Dear SWTOR Team,

I play SWTOR since 6 years now and i still love running through some jawas with my sorcerer like a ligtening bolt on LSD, thank u for many years of joy. But i still have a few things to say that would change the game for better.

For the beginning, i am a german player and my english is... very special, so have fun while decrypting it ^^

First of all, the Strongholds. I love them, but they are very empty and dead, almost noone except the owner ever visits them, its a bit lonely for such a beautiful content. i think a monthly competition for the best Stronghold would give so much more life to it, u could name a stronghold at the beginning of the month, like for example Yavin 4, and every player gets 3 votes wich he can give to any stronghold he visits and finds beautiful. the owners of the top 3 Strongholds with the most votes get a price, like a cartell hyper packs or something like that, and everyone who voted for 1 of the top 3 Strongholds gets a random decoration. by doing that there will be so much more life in the stronghold content and mor abition to create a pretty home and not a functional trash room

second, staying with the Stronghold theme, i would really appreciate it if we could place our character models in our stronghold, i have like 30 characters and i would love it to see them all together at one place (The one i am playing could be like a holo or gone or so ). Reagarding the newly announcend and leaked Alderaan fortress, Thank u sooo much ive waited years for it!!!! BUT, i think it would be a 1000 times more epic if u would add a second floor to the Main Hall (the central big one with the church like window at the back) like u did at the central hall at Coruscant senat, a balcony that goes around the second flor where u can watch down on your humbly servants. I dont know how hard this is to programm but i am sure everyone would epreciate that soooo much!

and last but not least, i think an option to change credits into cartell coins and back would make the ingame price much more stable, like in Guild wars 2 (U change in every direction with a little loss, but its still worth)

I hope some of u will read that Post and understand my english,

may the force be with you

Darth Telperíon