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The Hero of Tython and the Jedi Council (spoilers ahead)

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The Hero of Tython and the Jedi Council (spoilers ahead)

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01.29.2020 , 06:47 PM | #11
I actually wouldn't worry so much about the council after chapter 3

If you chose to return to the Jedi and the Republic after onslaught,

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02.20.2020 , 03:11 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by adormitul View Post
What do you think the Consular did? The alliance he created was because the consular put himself on the front line for the alliance members and on Corellia he did fought on the front lines with said alliance. The only difference between the 2 was that the consular managed to act as an diplomat more and was not brainwashed and his actions did not save the jedi order and the galaxy or did anything on that scale. I wonder if he was chosen on the jedi council because his feats where not so big compared to the jedi knight and his word carried less weight as he did not do bigger things then others on the council.
The consular saved the jedi order at the end of chapter 1, the entire order would have succumbed to the plague if he hadn't dealt with the source. That's why he's the "Barsen'thor", aka "Warden of the order" he protected the order in a way no other jedi could.

And his actions within the rift alliance prevented the republic from falling apart. He saved the republic, and one could argue, by extention the galaxy.

He was proven to be a successful diplomat and general, saving both the order and republic. There should be no surprise at all why he got a seat in the council.

And as a sidenote, the knight being the battlemaster is far more fitting than being a council member. He is more qualified for field work, while due to the nature of a consular, he would eventually retire to a more passive, administrative position.

I don't mean to downplay the importance of the knight's actions, It's just that many people downplay the consular's.

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02.21.2020 , 02:48 PM | #13
This reminds me of Anakin Skywalker and his desire to become a council member. Anakin Skywalker was the poster boy of the Jedi order during the clone wars. To the public and most of the order he was everything a Jedi knight and hero was supposed to be: Young, powerfull, smart, brave, kind and handsome. Only few took notice of the danger he represented (Yoda, Mace Windu and to some degree Obi Wan). Since he wasn't just brave, he was also hot headed and reckless. He was kind indeed, but also ruthless towards his enemies. And since Anakin knew how important he was for the order and the republic he craved their veneration.
The reasoning why the Jedi knight should be given a seat in the council is exactly the same. He/she is powerfull, heroic, brave, charismatic and whateer the player wants him/her to be in addition (handsome for example). But the knights' involvement with the Sith emperor is indeed troubling, even if it is not necessrily his/her fault. In addition the Jedi knight was in a constant frontline situation since the arrival on Tython. This is even part of the bonus quest on Rishi, where the knight is tasked to finaly do something else than just fight, fight, fight. The difference between the Jedi knight and the Sith warrior is mostly their allegiance, not so much their role. They are both killers. And while this is enough to be a Sith warrior, it is not enough to be a Jedi (or dark council member). To put it simple: The Jedi knight didn't have the chance yet to prove that he/she is more than a weapon until he/she lead the alliance against Zakuul. A job requiring as much military prowess as diplomatic skills. Tje Jedi defeated the emperor once and for all, rescued the galaxy, overcame his/her ultimate nemesis and proved to be more than just a weapon => Council access granted.

The Sith warrior is a different piece of work. As Emperors Wrath he/she is indeed superior to the dark council and depending on the line choosen after killing Baras the player can even point that out (the council even bows before the Wrath). This changes when the emperor turns against the empire and the original title of Wrath essentially seizes to exist. Darth Marr however makes good use of the empires most powerfull weapon, grants the warrior a new (symbolic) title and sends the warrior out to kill his traiterous master. The title of "Empires wrath" is a title of respect, acknowledging the warriors achievements and that he/she is beyond the pitty politics within the Sith empire. Essentially the warrior is turned into the empires mascot.
Acina / Vovrawn later offers the former political influence and number 2 rank as well if the warrior bends the knee (something i just can not do anymore, my warrior bends the knee to noone).

As far as i know SWTORs Jedi knight / Sith warrior story was originally part of the planned KOTOR 3 story until it got scraped for SWTOR. To some degree you can see the warrior as the Jedi knight under the emperors control if you want. So yeah, the knight probably killed a lot of Jedi while under the emperors control and the emperor was quite proud of his new toy.