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Loot Toggle and Gear Drops

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

01.09.2020 , 06:46 PM | #81
Any news on if we need to keep reporting these incidents of it dropping the wrong gear for our class spec?

I’ve about 7 off hand generators now for my Merc and full tank gear set for my Merc, sniper??? and my dps Sin and Dps Jugg and Mara. Let’s not forget the healing gear I’ve got for my Dps Sorc.

If need be I will list them all. But there are so many now across multiple Alts that I would prefer not too.

Eric, can you please find out if they have enough info to fix this or do we need to keep posting about it.

TiffanyID's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 06:34 PM | #82
• Your class role and spec?
Sith Warrior > Juggernaut > Vengeance

• Your toggled role (if different)?

• Current item rating?
220 on most gear, 228 on some... if you mean what I'm wearing.

• Where did you receive the item?
Flashpoint: False Emperor (story), Flashpoint: The Foundry (story)

• Exactly what item did you receive?
Masterwork Ancient Bastion Package - rating 258, Experimental Ossan War Leader's Lightsaber - rating 252, Experimental Ossan War Leader's Armguards - rating 252, Masterwork Ancient Bastion Module - rating 258, Masterwork Ancient War Leader's Armguards - rating 258. Also got an outlander vigilant shield rating 210.

...I obviously shouldn't be getting Bulwark/tank stuff. They should be Pummeler/damage spec gear.

Was 73 when I ran them. Was doing the HK-51 questline. I got an ancient artifact storage box and 2 ancient prototype storage boxes too which I guess will probably also be tank gear. I haven't opened those yet.