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Recruitment R/E <Winter Knights> PvP/RP-goal to organized or have casual world pvp

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Recruitment R/E <Winter Knights> PvP/RP-goal to organized or have casual world pvp

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12.11.2018 , 09:56 AM | #1
hello I'm GM of both R/E Winter Knights guilds. we are only 13 days old but we have GSH/GFS as well as guild discord. atm our Imperial guild is very low populated consisting of mainly pvper open to rp especially enjoying the fact we world pvp atm against our members in our sister Republic guild. our republic guild is very populated but i'd like to say active with players being on but tbh not much activity within guild.. My guild Mantra is "There's No Community without UNITY". we are establishing weekly 1-2 day guild events on both R/E guilds & for the time being trying to figure out which direction this guild is going. I as gm of both guild will not have anyone seeking to join us to feel obligated to Contribute to guild! unless its of your own choice, I don't mind funding and get whats needed for guild by myself. if you did want to donate im a crafting whore love crafting im willing to help dps low lvl toons gear with mods for custom gear every 15 lvls tanks every 10 lvl and healers every 5-10 lvl depending on activity and how you are with guild.. as of today ill be focusing on my main on republic side <Winter'Julius> SM and dailies for new patch if you need to get a hold of me please contact me on that toon or message me either R/E toons on my main through in-game mail box message. we do have guild meetings 2-3 times a month. 4 time's a month with officer's, including NCO's. once a week. im a very open minded gm and before I make a final decision on a mtter I will always ask my officer's/nco as well as a few mainly active guild member within a 72 hour period then let every one know either by in-game mail or by GMotD. I would like to try on doing guild invasions and conquest, but unlikely at this time where our guilds stand. So if you are interested or need/want more info, please message me
Thank you for taking time to read my Recruitment post
Remember for Both R/E "WE are all one with the force & the force is with us!"
GM of Winter Knights R/E guilds, Winter'Julius