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Morons and Mayhem are openly recruiting!

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Morons and Mayhem are openly recruiting!

CrazyElfMaiden's Avatar

11.24.2018 , 01:57 PM | #1
We’re excited to announce that we have openings for NiM progression teams we are looking to fill with talented individuals who know their stuff and have a desire to improve.
We have an immediate opening for two DPS on our weekend team running Sat (630-930pm PST)/ Sun (6-9pm PST) who are currently working on timed NIM runs before moving onto GOTM once NIM drops there.
We have a team running Mondays (second day pending) who are looking for a Tank willing and ready to step into learning NIM!
As always we are always looking for talented members to join us to step in at the ready when subs are needed.

Applicants should possess:
- A constant desire to improve and clear content.
- Starparse and Discord.
- A minimum gear level of 242, 246 or better preferred.
- Existing HM experience isa must, some NIM knowledge preferred. We are willing to teach talented players.
- The ability to play multiple roles and/or classes will also be considered an asset but is not required.

Players who are applying should be confident on their class (or classes) of choice, be willing to push themselves in harder content, be open to giving and receiving constructive criticism, and have good communication skills.
Applicants will be tested on their class of choice, running through an Operation we feel will give us a good idea of their style, awareness and movement. Please apply here.

To note...we, as a guild, enjoy being social and light-hearted but also take our progression seriously. Most of us have been raiding at a Nightmare level since launch or 2.X at the latest. Some of our members have been in guilds such as Chosen, Intrepid, Invictus, Hatred, Dangerously Incompetent, and more. We wish to expand our ranks and help the raiding community flourish.

If you have any additional questions about us, we encourage you to contact one of our officers or raid LT (Penthesylea / Rosa'sylannen or Riaveir) in game via mail, whispers, or through our discord!
Rosa'sylannen - Mercenary Penthesylea - Sorcerer
Ny'talya - Mercenary Ahriessa - Sorcerer
GM of Morons and Mayhem

Reofeir's Avatar

12.01.2018 , 02:22 AM | #2
We are still recruiting for two teams!
Weekend team (sat 6:30 - 9:30PM PST, Sun 6-9PM PST) looking for two DPS
Monday team (6-8PM PST) looking for a tank.

Reofeir's Avatar

12.09.2018 , 06:23 PM | #3
Weekend team, Tastefully Offensive, is looking for a DPS.
Monday team, HKMT, is looking for two tanks or a tank & DPS.

If interested please join the discord and DM either Penny or Reofeir.