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Game Update 5.4a

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.31.2017 , 02:31 PM | #1321
Quote: Originally Posted by everclearisalive View Post
He would've make a great sith though. all that scheming... anyway, SPOILERS!
Darth Littlefinger. . .
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes...meh, you know the rest.

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08.31.2017 , 02:31 PM | #1322
Quote: Originally Posted by deguste View Post
How can subs can accept that ? lost time lost money , and they say no compensation ....
When u pay for a service or u buy anything if that thing dont work u get money back , so i dont understand why it dont work here .
It called a scam .
Uh-huh. Scam. You should consult a lawyer immediatley. Before your consultation, be sure to print and read the TOS for the game. Because it doesn't sound like you did that (ever).

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08.31.2017 , 02:31 PM | #1323
I have a suggestion. Tomorrow European players will send tickets to the support for compensation for nerves and lost time. There is nothing to say. Sad story.

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08.31.2017 , 02:31 PM | #1324
Quote: Originally Posted by UmbralSpirit View Post
I want the following compensation: No Patches for the next 6 months.

(if they don't patch they can't break anything)
But that would be denying the IT department motto, "If it ain't broke, we'll break it."
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08.31.2017 , 02:32 PM | #1325
Broke the game on my day off. Not even shocked or surprised at this point.

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08.31.2017 , 02:32 PM | #1326
The hardest thing about suffering this down time is that there is a broken game dolling out unintended extra CXP and I can't get at it!!

Don't expect us Europeans to get a look at this tonight. Thanks Eric for keeping us up to date. Nighty Nite to the rest of you!

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08.31.2017 , 02:32 PM | #1327
Quote: Originally Posted by xXTideZXx View Post
How quickly after testing would the servers be up, granted that the test is successful?
Better question:

How long until the servers are down again to fix 5.4b ?

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08.31.2017 , 02:32 PM | #1328
Quote: Originally Posted by DieAlteHexe View Post
Indeed. We were without power for 3 days winter before last. That was fun. Did we get a rate reduction? Newp. There was no mention of it at all. Same thing with ISP outages.
My ISP compensates me if it is out for 2 or more days in a billing cycle. My electric provider does not, there I am billed based on kilowatt hours used. So a three day power outage is a de facto bill reduction for me, based on me not using any electricity for those three days.

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08.31.2017 , 02:32 PM | #1329
Quote: Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
What would you ask for? What's reasonable to you?
Money back on mounth sub.

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08.31.2017 , 02:33 PM | #1330
I don't know what makes me more sad: The situation per se or the fact that Eric had to apologise for handing out a few free code-goodies. How toxic can you guys be...
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