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Sith Inquisitor is canonically light side?

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Sith Inquisitor is canonically light side?

Xilizhra's Avatar

04.01.2017 , 06:37 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
This isn't Mass Effect. This is Star Wars, which we know has a future beyond TOR. So we know story wise, only one is right on all choices.
By that standard, nothing in TOR is canon at all.

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04.01.2017 , 08:11 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Xilizhra View Post
By that standard, nothing in TOR is canon at all.
We know TOR isn't canon, at the same time, we know, even in non canon universe, the time line only goes one way. Forward

So, when Luke looks back in a newly found archive of long forgotten history, it will show that famous smuggler, in it's canon form. Same with all the classes.

The holo recording won't show 1million Smugglers who all ran the same life but made slightly different choices.
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04.02.2017 , 11:16 AM | #33
I didn't play the SI light side, just 100% dark side, but I moste say dark side choices never felt out of place like "why the hell would i do that?". But nevertheless the SI is probably together with the agent the class which supports different play styles the most. What does that mean? Imp is the better side

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04.14.2017 , 11:00 PM | #34
LS Inquisitor seems more realistic IMO. It doesn't make sense that any of your comps would stay (barring Khem and Xalek), and based on your backstory as a slave, it's more likely you'd be a little more introverted, and less hostile in general. Not sure if 100% LS is good, because sometimes LS means a lot of extra work, but generally LS works better. I tend to equate the canon inquis to act a lot like Lana. Calm, smart, but willing to kill a few people if they get in his way.

Raynezazki's Avatar

04.14.2017 , 11:25 PM | #35
I have to agree with LS SI working pretty well with the story. I vastly prefer it over DS honestly.

NunoMiguel's Avatar

04.18.2017 , 10:11 AM | #36
I think the Inquisitor starts as a survivor doing what he/she must to stay alive in the Sith Academy if it meant doing a lot of cruelty so be it.. it beats being dead. When you rise to Lord you are able to start making some choices but.. you are pitted against one of the most powerfull sith in the galaxy a member of the dark council that alone is enough to make 99% of the Sith wet their pants... again do what you need to keep your edge it meant enslaving dead people. While in the academy my inquisitor went full dark .. she had no choice in the matter it was like Zaleck said " Kill or be killed ". As she became a Lord she had a but more freedom and made some light choices avoid senceless brutality when possible but her own survival was at stake so again she did what she must. Finally as Darth Nox my inquisitor said " i once lead a multitude of ghosts against a member of the dark councill " but i did not release them. This comes to me with a realization .. time has passed and she had acess to all the hidden secrets and knowledge in the Sith Empire as its Keeper .. so technically she could have delved deep into them so deep in fact that she had no further use for the ghosts and released them just to get rid of their complaints since they are still able to speak after the mind healing on Voss. The only moment when i felt the story was guiding my char to more lightside aspects out of necessity and because there was no further use for old patterns of behavior was during and after Makeb. So i dont think there is a cannon .. its more of a ... all roads lead to Rome kind of thing.
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04.25.2017 , 02:45 PM | #37
Eh.. I see what you all are saying, and there are some valid points. It's true that the story seems to want you to make the Light Side choice of releasing the ghosts, and it's perfectly plausible that a former slave would choose not to do what his or her former masters did and show benevolence. But at the same time, a lot of the story feels really geared toward Dark Side, as if it expects you to make those choices.
Which also makes sense, if the former slave was particularly vindictive and wished to use their newfound power spitefully.

Playing through the Inquisitor story, a lot of the Light Side choices, dialogue and actions seem really.. Forced. Not entirely genuine, and frankly, a little obtuse. Personally, I found the Warrior story to feel more naturally Light Side inclined- the story was comparatively more lighthearted than the Inquisitor's, and most of the time, going Light Side just made sense. I also found it particularly fun for my Warrior to surprise people by actually being a rather decent person. There's a certain satisfaction that comes with astonishing people with unexpected kindness. But maybe that's just me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's kind of hard for me to believe the writers wanted the Inquisitor to go Light Side when other elements of the story speak differently. Same goes for the Warrior being Dark Side. Feels a little.. Disjointed. As if two different writers were subtly fighting over their personal vision of the character, despite the fact that there are multiple ways to play the story.

MandelynRain's Avatar

04.25.2017 , 08:45 PM | #38
I understand where you are coming from. I found playing my warrior light side a blast, especially getting into arguments with Jedi who are convinced you are going to kill them and you are like nah, I don't even know you why do I want to kill you? Because you are a sith.Nope not really feeling it. But...but you have to you are sith. No good day.

My first inquisitor ended up neutral, because it was like a lot of dark side choices were really badly written, but a equal number of light side ones were also. Honestly seemed to flip flop like maybe there were 2 different writers for the story one wanted DS one wanted LS and they ended up with half making more sense LS while half made more sense DS.

I have made another of each class and am deciding if I am going to play them completely different than I did originally (which I did redo all my toons after a long hiatus from the game because I really didn't remember the storylines very well)

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04.28.2017 , 09:19 PM | #39
I used Diplomacy to fudge my Assassin's alignment so I could keep her going towards Dark V (for the achievement) without being "stupid-evil".
There are just times where the Dark Side choice is utterly retarded and I like my Sith to have something approaching sense even if they're evil.