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Alderaan Stronghold -- What Are Your Plans?

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Alderaan Stronghold -- What Are Your Plans?

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02.14.2020 , 08:40 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by JediQuaker View Post
Unless there are some significant changes, I can't see Alderaan replacing Tatooine as my main stronghold. So, my plans for decorating are sort of random. I plan to make a Spa in the northern retreat, and a party room in the Throne room.
Now that the Alderaan SH has arrived and I've bought it and unlocked all the rooms, I'm just sort of "meh" about it. There's nothing about it that "grabs" me.
It's actually too big. It takes even longer than Tatooine to get around, even on a speeder.
The spawn points don't seem to work, so I always zone in way out in the boonies, across the bridge.
None of the rooms can be realistically set up as a bedroom. They're too large and have poor hook placement (for beds, lamps, etc). The closest you can come is some sort of multi-guest room.
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The main entrance hall is nice looking with the stained glass window, but it's too large and featureless. I'll bet most people just end up piling up a lot of junk there, just to fill it up.

And, to top it all off, I was placing trophies on the walls of the hallway to the Throne Room, but I changed my mind and decided to remove them all. But, of course, when I did that, it also picked up all the decos I had placed in the Throne Room, so I'd have to do that over again. But I don't have the urge to bother.

The only part I like so far is the Spa I partially set up in the Retreat.

And, when I think about moving my pet/mount collection from Yavin 4 to Alderaan, that seems like too much bother as well.
So, oh well, more wasted credits, and another dead Stronghold. 😏

It's nice that BW granted player's wishes for an Alderaan Stronghold, but next we'd like a "liveable" one. 😍
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02.14.2020 , 09:56 AM | #12
i finished it yesterday i did my imp stuff in back area and pub stuff up front, the cave i kinda just toss harvestables. both areas are military themed with the sith stuff in both bedrooms. the throne room is just that, off the throne room back right is a cantina, front right a comms area, back left jedi front left medbay.

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02.15.2020 , 10:20 AM | #13
Post screenshots, or perhaps tell us the server and stronghold name, so we can visit it?
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02.17.2020 , 12:11 PM | #14
I purchased the Alderaan Stronghold for my one Jedi (Myr-el) whose backstory is that she's actually from Alderaan - a minor noble family within House Alde. As such, I plan on decorating the stronghold mostly in traditional Alderaanian decor. I'll of course use decorations from various themes if they'll add to the ambiance and help complete the overall feel in good taste. Republic and Jedi decorations will make up the bulk of those, as well as many creatures from throughout the galaxy. Some of the crops and farming decorations may appear as well.

I don't like to mix distinctly Republic & Imperial decor as a general rule. The only exception to that is my Yavin SH. However, since Mandalorians have a special niche in Myr-el's story, I may include an out-of-the-way corner that contains a small Mando encampment.

I'll post screenshots once I've completed rooms, and I hope to see others' work as well!
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