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[underworld trading]

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06.30.2014 , 11:35 AM | #1
I am at level 18 but can only access [underworld trading] missions 10-16. Why?

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06.30.2014 , 12:58 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by KylceStora View Post
I am at level 18 but can only access [underworld trading] missions 10-16. Why?
Crew Skills are not based on levels. They are based on the skills you have in the crafting, gathering and mission skills.

For example my sorcerer is level 19 but I am able to craft armorings and mods up to level 44 as I have trained my crafting, gathering and mission skills.

Gathering skills you can train two ways: in the world you can find places to gather a particular item such as archeology,etc. or by sending a companion on a mission that costs credits.

Mission skills such as underworld trading has to be done with credits and you send companions out on missions for those. The only exception to mission skills is slicing, those can be leveled in the world by finding different types of safes and slicing them and receiving credits.

Crafting is leveled by having a companion craft particular items.

After you reach a certain level on your crafting you have to see a trainer and purchase new schematics for that crafting.
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06.30.2014 , 01:36 PM | #3
First, Scarlet is correct in that crew skill level has zero correlation to character class level: a level 10 character can have 450 crew skill level or a level 55 character can have a crew skill of 1 or anything in between (e.g. a level 19 character can have a crew skill at 300)

That being said, there is a relationship. Materials are classified into "grades" which correlate to a character level range where those materials might be useful. In the case of grade 1, the character level range is 10-16. This means that those materials can be used to craft equipment intended to be used by characters level 10-16. Grade 2 materials are designed to be used to craft equipment for characters levels 17-24.

There are currently seven grades of mundane materials: 1 through 6 and 9. Grades 7 and 8 were exotic materials pre-2.0 Grade 10 materials are the current top end exotic materials. Exotic materials are not available through gathering or missions they must be won through group content (HMFP and Ops)
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