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What is this class like for tanking now?

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What is this class like for tanking now?

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11.05.2017 , 02:21 PM | #1
I returned to the game three weeks ago after being away for over a year. Last week I started to play my PT tank again. The class changes, namely the reduction in range on certain abilities, have left me wondering whether I should carry on developing to lvl 70. The same will be true of my VG tank which I have yet to log into. Just feels strange to play at the moment.

So any high level players got any thoughts on the effectiveness of tanking with these specs in either PVE or PVP?

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11.05.2017 , 10:59 PM | #2
As of now Sith Assassins are the best tanks and Powertechs being on the bottom of food chain (for a while now) the only spec that is decent is Advanced Prototype and thats because the start of the rotation has good burst damage. Honestly if you wanna play a powertech tanking is not the way to go right now
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11.05.2017 , 11:23 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by spparker View Post
So any high level players got any thoughts on the effectiveness of tanking with these specs in either PVE or PVP?
In General, PT/VG Tanks have the best DPS-potencial of all three tank classes. For PvE, PT Tanks are viable for everything except of Brontes. It helps in certain DPS-checks due to it's Sonic Rebounder (see: Terror from Beyond) but makes it harder to cheese certain mechanics (see: Masters Ion Cutter). PT's DCD's are very okay in my opinion. You have Epic Shield, Explosive Fuel, Oil Slick and Tank Adrenal. Compared to Assasines, PT's have a better Passive Mitigation.

For PvP, i haven't made many experiences since 5.0. However, I heard of flame burst hitting very hard. In Terms of Skank Tanking, PT's aren't bad. They have two hard stuns, a slow on oil slick and - in terms of DPS - a good Burst with Shoulder Cannons and Flame Burst.

So, all in all, PT-Tanks are very okay. They are not as overpowered as Assasines are and not as bad as Juggernauts are.

For DPS-classes: Don't play them in PvP. For PvE-content, they are both very good. Advanced Prototype is the most versatile DPS-class ingame, with good sustained damage. Pyrotech will become competetive with 5.6, because it receives AoE-damage-reduction. Pyros also have good sustained and outstanding AoE damage. They don't have any hard dcd's beyond their Pyroshield, but they have mediocre survivability due to their heavy armor. However, AP looses a bit of survivability due to loosing CC-damage-reduction with 5.6. So, no PT-stacking anymore at Brontes NiM.

All in all, PT's are good in doing everything (except of healing), but not great in doing something special.
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11.07.2017 , 12:21 PM | #4
Thanks for the replies. Appreciate it.