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Battle Focus insane oddness after 5.6

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Battle Focus insane oddness after 5.6

DDaMAGEr's Avatar

12.01.2017 , 08:14 AM | #1
Suddenly l noticed, that onto mah Main, Battle Focus started to be affected by Alacrity, causing impossibility to fit 2 Plasma Flares inside single BF. While Aim Extenders're unaffected. And that's what l discovered:
Tick rate: 1s, while it supposed to be DOES NOT TICK. And when it ticks it restores 3 energy with some Set Bonuses! l guess it's almost same as Sorcerer Extra unintended heal:

If BF is going to restore energy at some point - plz carry out its Energy Regen linger separately with Crit chance increase, because it leads to damage reduction, which VG don't need.

DDaMAGEr's Avatar

12.01.2017 , 11:47 AM | #2
EDIT: this energy regen is nice addition actually, l can perform initial rotation w/out using Recharge Cells. But inability to fit 2 Plasma Flares inside one Battle Focus is bad. BF now regenerates 3*15=45 energy total. Might help with Plasmatech energy management though.

Equeliber's Avatar

12.03.2017 , 12:23 PM | #3
Yep, there is an 11k Pyrotech parse on Parsely already, currently nr.1 between all parses. Checked the logs, this energy regen is indeed present and allows that player to use Rapid Shots much less than before.
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