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<Ex Nihil> is recruiting

JadedProphet's Avatar

12.03.2017 , 09:10 AM | #1
<Ex Nihil> is a fairly new-ish giuld tthat accepts players of all classes and skill levels. We have a guild Flagship and a Fully Unlocked Manaan Stronghold. We run FP's nightly to help our lower level members get XP and learn the FP's. We are looking at getting into raiding (ops) once we have enough members up to par regarding level and gear requirements. We are also offering RP for those interested. We have a Dance Club setup on the rooftop area of the Stronghold with a jacuzzi / hot tub for those who want to get their groove on or just relax while they rp. There's also a bar for those who just want to get "hammered" while they rp. We are a laid back, casual, but mature guild. Most of our members don't have filters when they talk so please bear that in mind before requesting an invite. We also have a Discord server for those who like to voice chat while they play. Hit up one of our officers in game for more info!

Our officers are: Tsumetai shi, Chandra'Moon, Stazzia, Absolute Waffle, Killikith and JohnGriffin. Any one of these people can answer any questions you may have and can invite you to guild if you want to check us out.

Note: We also have an Imperial Guild called <Ex Nihilo>. For more information on that guild or for a guild invitation, contact Ravendevoncor on the Imperial Side or any of the officers listed above on the Pub Side. They can switch to their Imp Toons and answer any questions, send invites, etc.

We wish you the best of luck in all of your adventures and May the Force be with you!