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When I Wake

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12.02.2012 , 01:12 AM | #211
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
This gives some extra meaning to it.
I thought so too.
Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
Ooooooo. I love that AU Twist <3 <3 <3

Around five hours later...

When we reach the Grand Assembly room, the Jedi from before are there. Seems this was their mission. If I'd cared enough to think about it, I might have guessed. As we approach the two who stand guard at the entrance to the hall, each side with weapons drawn, I look to Torian.

'Told you there was still time,' I say with a crafty smile, walking at a slow pace.

'Never doubted you,' he replies with a small smile that's a little distant. His eyes only watch the Jedi and sum them up. I can tell he's already forming strategies and play from there mere Jedi's stance and grip. Wish I could take credit for that.

'Which one do you want, manda?' I ask curiously.


'The woman?' He gives a sharp nod and continues to evaluate her. I narrow my eyes at her and look her up and down for reasons other than her stance and weapons. 'Why? Taken a fancy to her?'

'In a way.'

'Fine. Bet I can finish both of them alone in two minutes, though.' They are almost in shooting range and I wonder why they haven't moved. They only cast arrogant and uninterested eyes over us and see us as already dead. I suppose I'm looking at them in the same way.

'Not a fair wager, Cyare. And you still owe me five Jedi.'

'I'll let you have the both then,' I reply as I stop walking. He only continues steadily down the hall, his eyes not leaving his opponents. 'You have three minutes, Torian,' I call after him.

He jumps to them before my sentence ends.

I watch his form and movements with a critical eye. But more than that, I watch his timing. His reflexes are quick and his timing impossible. The Jedi look confused and surprised as his movements predict theirs better than they can predict his. He beats them in two minutes with twenty four seconds to spare.

I slowly clap and approach him as he stands not even out of breath above them.

'Kandosii! And a spare twenty four seconds.' I stand next to him and look down at their bodies. Then my attention is drawn back to him. Slightly proud but nothing extraordinarily so. Still want to make sure he doesn't get a big head.

'Though your balance was slightly off fifty-six seconds in when the Jedi moved like this,' I repeat the motion with my arms, 'which left and availability for the other Jedi to do this,' I do another motion, lightly hitting his arm where he raised to block his chest. 'Attacking there would have pushed you back too far on your heels and cause you to shift your feet like this,' I move my feet to show, 'to counteract it. Would have been easy then for you to be pushed down. But luckily he didn't.' I swiftly kiss his lips.

He nods and smiles. 'Still owe me three Jedi, Champion.' Though he doesn't comment on my pointers and critique, I know he filed the information away for later.

I grin up at him. 'Well, there should be at least that many somewhere around here. Reason would point to Tormen being their goal. We must stop them.' Torian glances at me and nods once. I extend my blades and look at them with brutal a'den.

'Mando'ad draar digu,' I whisper. I walk on before Torian can reply and I don't meet the look he gives me. 'A Mando'ad never forgets.'

When we walk into the Grand Assembly area, Tormen and a Jedi are fighting on the stage. I lean my elbows onto the balcony ledge and casually watch. I feel Torian slip from my side and assume he went to kill the three Jedi to the left of the room.

Another tries to attack Tormen from behind. I shoot her in the back. He's mine to kill. And he's still useful. So busy watching them fight I let down my guard. Didn't hear the Jedi drop from the ceiling. So I was surprised when I was force pushed from behind over the ledge and find myself on my back below, looking up to the Jedi that standing on the balconies ledge.

The Jedi ignites his lightsaber and leaps down towards me. But he is hit off course.


He jumps over me and shoots the Jedi in the chest before he even had a chance to stand. I smile. Knew I told him to always carry a blaster for a reason.

Torian offers me his hand. 'Copaani gaan?'

I take it, smiling. Seems he won't be the death of me yet.

'Vor entye,' I say to Torian as I stand on my feet, our toes touching.

'Always got your rear, Cyare.' He kisses my forehead softly and I smile back.

'Then tion'ad hukaat'kama?'

He frowns in a serious way I know too well: no room for concession or moveability. 'Don't need anyone too. "Jatnese be te jatnese", remember?' A small teasing smile appears at the edge of his lips.

I shake my head and grin back at him. 'Can't disagree with you there.' I touch his cheek lightly and look into his eyes. 'Always got your back too, ner Torian. Two way thing, remember?'

He nods but my attention is drawn away from Torian and to Tormen's battle. Darth Tormen's opponent becomes distracted by his comrades death. And the Sith takes his chance. He kicks the Jedi away, and theatrically cracks his neck before killing the Jedi.

'I did not see Seros. I assume you took care of him.' He walks slowly to me. This fight has told me a great deal. Darth Tormen is not as strong as he likes to show through his theatrics. Typical Sith. His lightsaber form relied on brute force and left holes in his defences which would be open to blaster fire or close range attacks if swift enough.

'Yes. I had no problem dispatching my Jedi.' I openly sneer at his face and he doesn't look at me with indulgence. But he doesn't threaten Torian and i hear his quick heart rate. The battle against the Jedi tired him. Interesting.

'Only a Jedi would call something this fragile 'Battlemaster.'' He looks scornfully at the pad in his hand.

'I don't know. Killed my share of Sith in my time,' I reply casually.

He retorts angrily, 'then they were weak. The Sith are stronger for their deaths.'

I smirk thinly. He ignores it and continues, but his dismissal tells me I have tried his patience enough and he only wants me to leave him. I file this away for later. Tormen will contact us when he has extracted the data he needs to plan the attack on the Chancellor.

I begin to walk but pause and call to Tormen over my shoulder: 'I saved your life, Tormen. But I won't ever hesitate to take it.' I keep walking and Tormen doesn't reply.

When we walk outside, I grin to Torian over my shoulder.

'Twenty six Jedi. Enough for you?'

He shakes his head and returns my grin. His hair is messed up and sticking up and out of shape. I like it like that. His eyes shine brightly from battle but he isn't tired. 'Never.'

I look to the sky and smile. The sun is about to set.

'Good. Race you to the taxi?'

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12.02.2012 , 11:00 AM | #212
I really like how Torian has become a nearly a match for her in battle. The learning process over the story has been consistent and believable - very good!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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12.02.2012 , 01:01 PM | #213
I'm running out of words, so I think I'll just let Hoyden speak for me.. xD
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12.03.2012 , 04:02 AM | #214
A few hours later after dusk...

We're laughing when we reach the Mando'ad camp.

Two Mando's Torian doesn't know are on watch at the entrance. They almost bar our way, but our laughter drew out Corridan. He gives us the ok and tells us to follow him, his expression stern and dark. I study the man who leads us and take note of the lines around his mouth and see it is used to express polar ends of emotions. Time more than nature has led the harsh creases that make him appear older than the forty odd years he is. Despite the lines and prominent cheek bones, nature gave him the advantage of beauty that experience has tempered though not removed.

Corridan stops once out of ear shot of the guards. Torian and Corridan look at each other for a long moment and then embrace quickly. Corridan draws back and clasps his hand on Torian's forearms for a moment, slightly shaking him. Torian stands a little taller than the older man and I see a concern for Torian that comes close to fatherly in Corridan's eyes. Anyone that looks at Torian like that is on their way to being fine by me.

Corridan turns to me and though starring into my eye, addresses Torian. 'So this is Torian Cadera's wife?' Corridan asks with amusement. Torian moves to my side.

'Torian Cadera's wife? Is that my title? A little long, don't you think, alor'ad Corridan Ordo?' I say with a raised eye brow and hostility. Difference between being fine and on their way to being fine.

'Wife has some bite, Torian.' He grins and I feel myself taking a liking to this man. 'Call me Corridan,' he says with a wink before continuing. ''Torian Cadera is already taken and I don't think 'wife' suits a woman like you. What would you like to be called, Champion?'

'Grand Champion, Corridan Ordo. What do you think would suit a woman like me?' I ask dangerously. Corridan misses the tone but it makes Torian edge closer. 'I think Torian Cadera's wife is suitable,' I ad with certainty making Torian smile a little down at me.

I can tell this is the best way to talk to a man like Corridan and raises me in his opinion more than any 'nice' pleasantries could. Guess Torian wasn't wrong when he said Corridan would only try to impress.

'I thought that it was a little long,' he retorts with a wide, open smile. Though it reaches his eyes and cause small, spidery wrinkles, I can tell he is just at home with glares and grimaces. Seems there is no middle ground with such a man and see he would be just as quick to anger than to happiness.

'I can think of few shorter, nicer names if you prefer,' Corridan smoothly continues. 'The wanted posters really don't do you justice.' He smiles flirtatiously and I suddenly feel myself missing my Devaronian. The whelming emotion doesn't leave me more surprised but it causes a lot of self-mockery. I laugh at myself when I think of how much Gault would love this. He hasn't even been gone a week. And Torian would hate it.

I look to Corridan's hands with my fake eye and notice a whiter line along one finger. See he used to be married but isn't anymore. By how darkened the line is I approximate it's been many years since he removed it. Assume the only thing possible and that she's dead. Guess there might be more to it if he doesn't wear the ring. Or it might just be a painful reminder he'd rather not walk with.

I raise an eyebrow at last remark and glance at Torian. Torian stands a little straighter and proud, wrapping an arm around me but remains silent.

'I'm sure you say that to all the girls,' I reply dryly. He laughs and I allow myself a smirk.

'Only the pretty ones,' Corridan replies. Torian frowns at the older and shorter man but stays silent and watches him with warning.

'And your reputation hardly does you justice,' I return with an amused and doubting smirk.

Corridan looks horrified and glances back to Torian, the raised eyebrows rippling his forehead into four round waves. 'What have you been telling your wife about me, Torian? Do I need to teach you a lesson like back on Dxun?'

'Nothing you don't deserve,' Torian replies with a frown. 'Like to see you try it again. Only going to end the same,' though his frown stays his tone is slightly tending to the joking.

Corridan chuckles in reply and says we better join the others. He ushers us into the largest tent that goes into a half destroyed house. There's a long table down the middle and it is well lit, the heavy tent keeping the light from shining through the night.

Ten Mandalorians sit on each side of the table. Most are men but I count seven women. Eight if I include the one outside. I quickly scan them. Five are ugly with disfigured noses from poorly healed breaks are not the only glaringly horrendous features of their faces. However, the other two are pretty. More than pretty. I force down the overwhelming feeling of disgust at myself and a feeling close to repulsive jealousy.

Corridan takes a seat at the head and nothing remains of the flirting and caring man I met outside the tent. Corridan has become who he needs to be in here: a stern and respected alor'ad.

Torian sits to Corridan's right: I sit next to Torian. Torian is proud of such a seat but he hides it well and sits with an unaware ease. Jogo, who sits across from us, is scowling as hard as usual and I see the same disgust reflected in other faces. But the others seem happy to see him, including the women. Nice to know things went up for Torian. He deserves it. I ignore the curious looks I receive.

Corridan introduces me to others and I file their names away along with their faces. Most are clan Ordo and there are no others from clan Cadera.

Corridan fills us in on the strategy for tomorrows assault on a government complex. High profile politician is inside. We make a traditional Mando'ad toast and the duties of the night are divided. Torian and I are to take watches. Torian is to be the midnight to three: I am three to dawn. I know Corridan has done this deliberately. But I don't mind. I think I will be able to live through twenty four hours without having Torian.

We go with the others to the destroyed hall where everyone is to sleep. We sleep until Torian takes his watch.

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12.03.2012 , 01:23 PM | #215
Quote: Originally Posted by EverSteam View Post
Thank you!
Was kind of wondering what people were thinking since I was seeing views and no comments....
I'm really enjoying this. Not much new showing up on for TOR, so this is great that I can get more Torian. Your BH is quite different from mine in temperament. But that makes it a very nice change. Keep up the writing.

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12.03.2012 , 07:54 PM | #216
Quote: Originally Posted by KimbriOnasi View Post
I'm really enjoying this.
I'm glad
Quote: Originally Posted by KimbriOnasi View Post
this is great that I can get more Torian.
Because there's no such thing as having enough Torian
Quote: Originally Posted by KimbriOnasi View Post
Keep up the writing.
Will do


Later that night...

'Only me, Torian.'

I hear a few movements. Torian putting away a blaster or moving from the hold he had on Corridan. Not sure. My hearing isn't that good. And they didn't give me x ray vision. Not the first time I've wished for it. Don't know how it slipped their minds when they remember so many other things.

I've stayed awake in the bed we share on the ground since Torian changed for the watch. Want to be awake and ready encase something happens. Doubt anything will thought. I don't need as much sleep as other people. So I can go without some tonight. Besides, earliest night Torian and I have had almost since he came aboard. Not sure how long it has been since then.

I hear a few movements and assume it's Torian returning to his post and possibly Corridan joining him.

'Ready for tomorrow?' Corridan. They speak Mando'a.

I find it hard to keep my hearing focused on something so far away while translating consciously at the same time. Not hard enough to turn the translator on though. I feel that using one... ability on this toxic, insidious planet will lead to me using more until I lose myself and become what they made me to be. I want anything but that: I want to be me for as long as I can.


'Did good on the last op. Glad to have you on this one. And your wife.'

They are silent for a while.

'She's impressive: everything you said and more. Weren't exaggerating her beauty. Look forward to seeing her fight.' There's a pause. 'Don't give me that look. Your trophy, kid. I'm merely admiring.'

I hear Torian make a noise like a 'hmph' and a chuckle. Not sure I like being referred to as an object in this way. Before I can stop it, my knives make the decision for me. They extend from my wrists quickly and cut through the sheets, one grazing my thigh. I withhold a curse and focus on listening to the two men. However, I feel like Corridan wouldn't be talking so much if there wasn't a point.

'Got more than a few jealous. You've chosen well, kid. Don't think there's better than Mandalore's daughter and Grand Champion of the Great Hunt in one. And the best damn looking woman I've seen in a while despite-' Corridan's sentence stops there and I'm assuming it was followed by a gesture, most likely to the face. I'm not insulted or angry. The words only hit dead skin and healed sores.

'Admire with your eyes only.' Torian's voice is strong with firm warning. Still feel a warm rush when I hear him speak Mando'a: his timbre smoother, language more fluent and voice deeper. Guess he really does get tongue tied speaking basic.

Corridan laughs. It's a low, rumbling sound. 'It's not you I'd be worried about. Seems like she's the kind that would shoot me if I do either.' Corridan's voice is rough and coarse compared to Torian's and I don't prefer it.

'She is.' Torian's tone is definite: the voice of a man who has no doubt or uncertainty. Seen enough to know, I suppose. But there's pride in his voice. Not sure if I really do like it. I've had a man proud of my readiness to kill before and I'm not sure I really want it again. I don't dare shake my head encase I miss something but I still find it curious that this has never bothered me earlier.

'Like that in a woman. Makes me wonder how you got her to marry you,' Corridan continues casually.

'Ask myself that every day. Surprised I'm alive.' Torian's trust to this man makes me more than a little jealous. Want the same confidence with him that he has with Corridan. But I know what hurts is hearing it. Torian's blunt honesty hits somewhere raw. Guess it's not that he's thinking it; it's more how horribly right he is. I can protect Torian's life from others but I'm from being able to protect him from myself.

'But worth it. Do anything to for her or to protect her no matter the cost. Not that she would ever need it. Holds her own and then some better than anyone I've ever met. Could beat you easy in a fight, old man.' Torian's voice has that teasing lilt at the end and it makes me smile.

Corridan chuckles. 'I don't doubt it.' I can hear an almost clapping sound. I think it's Corridan's hand on Torian's shoulder. 'Got it bad, kid.' I imagine Corridan punching Torian's chin lightly. 'Good for you.'

I don't hear anything else said for a while. I can imagine Torian nodding. Or smiling. Or looking serious and away from Corridan. Hard to tell. Maybe a mixture of all of them.

'Wish I'd been there to see Mandalore's face when he heard,' Corridan continues after a pause. 'Rumours vary. Jogo prefers the ones that involve your dishonour or head.' There's a slight pause where I imagine Torian frowning.

'Don't mind Jogo. He's more than slightly jealous. You got a lot he doesn't. Personally, think Mandalore's alright with it. Gar taldin ni jaonyc; gar sa buir, ori'wadaas'la.' He pauses and his next words carry a heavy gravity. 'I'm happy for you, son.'

All I hear next is Corridan walking away and Torian's gentle breathing. I wait for it to be my watch.

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12.03.2012 , 09:22 PM | #217
I really like Corridan's interaction with them both. I wish we saw more of him in game.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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12.04.2012 , 10:33 AM | #218
From page 3
Quote: Originally Posted by EverSteam View Post
Just gonna say, haven't had the Torian / Mako thing thank god, and so I like the thought of him not really liking her, finding her annoying, and consistently choosing the BH over her.
Interpret how you like :P
What did you mean by the T/M thing? Was there something between them if you didn't romance them?

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12.04.2012 , 03:10 PM | #219
Quote: Originally Posted by KimbriOnasi View Post
From page 3

What did you mean by the T/M thing? Was there something between them if you didn't romance them?
I'm not sure for m!bh characters, but if you're a f!bh and you don't romance Torian, Mako puts the moves on him. That's what's going on in my bh crew right now, but I have my doubts as to the long-term survivability of their relationship (especially with the adorable, curvy baby bh sitting in my character list at the moment, hehehe).

Mako gets a little bit of an attitude about it to be honest, which is why it's so much fun to see EverSteam's bh smack her down on occasion lol.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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12.04.2012 , 04:15 PM | #220
Quote: Originally Posted by KimbriOnasi View Post
What did you mean by the T/M thing? Was there something between them if you didn't romance them?
Yeah, from what I've read, if you're a f!bh and you have too much affection for Mako and not Torian then they develop a relationship. m!bh I think also can get it (don't hold me to this) if they get too much affection with Torian and not Mako.
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Mako gets a little bit of an attitude about it to be honest
I've tried to look for videos or transcripts of the dialouge for the conversations past just people giving a brief description and I can't which makes me sad. I would hate for it to happen to me, but since it hasn't, I'm curious as to what Torian is like with her. And it does seem strange he would actually go out with her when he even says his two criteria is Mando and shooting straight. As my BH points out, Mako fails at being/having either of those.
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
it's so much fun to see EverSteam's bh smack her down on occasion lol.
I'm glad you enjoy that!
Sometimes I wonder if my BH too mean and maybe Mako is mildly alright and wouldn't be so hated by her... but then I laugh at myself for having such a silly notion and write something mean about Mako

I will also update soon. Just need to proof read whatever I wrote last night.