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So what choices do you always make?

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So what choices do you always make?

bluehufsa's Avatar

11.09.2018 , 05:36 AM | #41
On every new JC i make :

- kill Xalek,Broonmark,Skadge
- kill Arcann & Senya
- argue with the Scions
- kill Heskal
- kill Zasha Ranken
- save Tai Cordan & Malita ( too bad i cannot kill her too..)
- trust Koth over Senya
- kill Kalyio
- kill SCORPIO
- save Theron
- let the Zakuulans die when Vaylin damages the reactor
- let the Zakuulans die when Kalyio blows up the explosive charges
- kill Exarch Malforia in the HK bonus chapter
- join Jace Malcom on Iokath
- let Vaylin kill Vette
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Limariko's Avatar

01.22.2019 , 11:44 AM | #42
While I've still not finished KotFE/ET, here's the usuals I tend to go wtih.

-Always leave the Ambassador behind on the Esseles. Really lady, being an ambassador does not work like that.
-Always save the engineers on the Esseles.
-Never kill the captain on the Black Talon. He was just trying to be reasonable.
-Vette's collar comes off ASAP. If I could get away taking it of on Korriban, I would.
-Smugglers have to be Sith Purebloods just to occasionally pop Corso one when he gets an attitude.
-Always kill Thana Vash. I can't tolerate Stupidly Evil.
-Save Lord Cytherat. While I couldn't properly join Malgus, I seriously agreed with the points he made even if his execution of those points really needed work.
-Exile the Alderaanian noble in the SW story. Best revenge on a rich guy is making him a poor guy.
-Kill Baras. Despite the above, I don't put it past Darth Tons o' Fun to not go for a comeback and mess with me.
-Never side with the SIS on my Agent. Yeah, the Empire did a number on my Agent, but the Republic wasn't much better exploiting that number.
-Always go the peaceful route with Jedi on my Sith. I can never get tired of a Jedi flipping out that a Sith isn't being all cackle and murdery.
-Be nice to Harkun. Considering the man's used to the standard Sithly way of things, being nice is only going to make him sure I'll eventually put a hit on him so just knowing he will always be looking over his shoulder's ample enough of a slow burn torture.
-Smugglers and Agents will be shameless flirts until they eventually settle down.
-Must throw as much bling and skin baring on my Sith Purebloods because they're showoffs. If there was a 'so hot I gotta kiss myself' emote, I would pick it up for them.
-Always forgive Malavai. Not his fault he got stuck between two warring Sith.
-Never accept Mandalore's offer to become Mandalorean. My BHs figure there's enough Mando dominance in the BH job field that they're going to do the stand out thing by not joining the crowd.
-Never romance Nadia Grell. It's just too creepy for me.
-Never romance Corso. He gets on my nerves too much.
-Never romance Vector. The joiner thing with the larvae under the skin's too much body horror to me.
-Always take the snarky dialog option on every character.
-Never turn in the padawan couple in love on Tython.
-Always take the cannibal dialog on Dromond Kaas in the SW story. The demented look on the SW as they're hamming it up always cracks me up.
-Kill Kaliyo. My Agents never liked having her on the crew to begin with and for the Alliance, she's a walking HR issue when that's the last thing we need.
-Kill Broonmark. He's up there with Skadge as most pointless companion on my character's rosters.
-Never kill off Republic prisoners. They're potentials for prisoner exchanges and in not killing them I'm going to make them question the Republic's insistence that the Empire is a murder machine.
-Always side with Xalec against the miners and make them pay for his father's shrine. I know people who's ancestral burial grounds have been looted so this one struck a little too close for me.
-Always give the Mandalorians the intell since how can I expect them to do well if they're not properly informed?
-Always do the opposite of what Garza wants. She's practically War Crimes on legs as far as my Troopers are concerned.
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JediMasterGaron's Avatar

03.31.2019 , 10:55 PM | #43
Choices I always make:
Punch Koth: He set a quantum bomb on the Gravestone (I don't kill him, I just hit him in the face to show him he messed up)
Not blow up the Spire: Kaliyo is insane + I didn't want the blood of all those Zakuulans on my hands.
Let Jorgan infiltrate the Comm building (If that's what it was): Jorgan seems like the perfect choice for that mission, Kaliyo is unstable and I would not want her to undergo that mission.
Choices I never (will make again) make:
The BH quest on Hutta where you have to go kill Nem'ro's old accountant, I did it once for the DS points, but then I went to his wife, I said "Look at what I found in the swamp!" (you're holding his head in a bag) to her and she started screaming, it was not a small scream, it was the kind of scream that only happens when somebody is deeply terrified. I couldn't bear to listen to her scream anymore (and because I had made a horrible and sadistic choice) so I reset the quest and went back, but I spared him.
Leave Vette to die: No! I loved Vette as a SW and it became really sad if you decide to let her die, so I let Torian die, because he's a Mandalorian and he would die honorably in combat.
Abandon the Republic (As a Republic character): You would be killing those you once called your allies.
Abandon the Empire (As an Imperial character): Same as previous reason.

Zeerastul's Avatar

04.16.2019 , 11:22 PM | #44
It varies I have 2 JC's and 2 Sith Inquisitors. I have full dark side JC and Sith Inquisitor who are cruel as possible in main story. Then I also have another JC and Sith Inquistor's who are neutral that goes back and forth between light and dark side choices in the main story and yet they all make these same choices in the KOTFE/KOTET expansions

1.) kneel before Valkorion and ally with him
2.) Kill Koth
3.) use all of Valkorion's powers when he offers
4.) desire the throne and choose to become emperor
5.) Try to kill Satele Shan, you do get the chance to try it in the expansion
6.) Keep Senya and Arcann around they are only useful tools
7.) Kill Scorpio every single time
8.) Flirt with Empress Ascina and be nice to her

There are other choices I make but these are the main ones I can think of at the moment

that_Spartan_IV's Avatar

04.17.2019 , 01:00 AM | #45
I always kill Kaliyo in KOTFE.
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