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Triggers for Nathema Cameo appearances?

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Triggers for Nathema Cameo appearances?

HollyUSEC's Avatar

12.11.2018 , 02:49 AM | #1
Does anyone have a list of exactly what action(s) trigger which cameo character you get in Nathema Conspiracy?

The ones I know so far:
--Sith Warrior depends on whether you kill or spare Darth Baras
--Sith Inquisitor depends on whether you let Khem Val drive out Darth Zash's possessing spirit
--Trooper depends on whether you side with the Pubs or Imps in the Iokath story quest line

Smuggler is supposed to depend on whether you work as a privateer or become a pirate at the end of the class story, but I've found that this is bugged.

Bounty Hunter, I THINK it depends on whether you killed Darth Tormen at the end of the class story.

Imperial Agent, I think it depends on what you do to/with Shara (ex-Watcher Two) during the Rishi class mission, but I'm not exactly sure how you alter the outcome in that mission?

Jedi Knight and Consular, I don't know at all.
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01.15.2019 , 11:57 AM | #2
Some decisions are based on the story ending for chapter 3 and others based on your choices on Iokath.
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02.11.2019 , 10:45 PM | #3
Sorry to necro this thread, but I think the Knight trigger is actually whether you are LS or DS at the end of either class story / Iokath. I play my Guardian as DS (makes a lot of LS choices but is "attuned" to the DS, so her alignment is Dark V). She sided with the Republic on Iokath, but got the Kiwiiks cameo).

My Juggernaut killed Baras, didn't get his cameo. My Marauder spared him, when that toon reaches Nathema I'll see what happens.

Thanks for the Agent trigger, I wasn't clear on it.
W T F = F T W spelled backward.