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Dyes Not Working properly

Swingkittie's Avatar

01.02.2019 , 03:12 AM | #1
I put the pale gray/dark gray dye on Ashara's chest piece but the color is showing White and Dark Gray now. It wasn't like that before and now since 5.10 it's all messed up.

Dyes in the Cartel Market do not show the correct picture for the color they represent.

The Mandalorian Scout Dye Module first has the name as Black and Black Dye Module on the top of the view dye module, but the description of the dye in the show items part is the correct name. Also it just shows as Dyes on the actual Cartel Market Screen. Third, the color represented is not even close to the way it looks when viewing or when you mouse over the dye in the show items pane.

Any other dyes not showing the right colors?
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