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5.5 Marksman...NERF?!?!

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12.07.2017 , 01:44 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by MurkyDregs View Post
Why Viru versus MM in TFB? I'm raid team has pushed me into SS/MM because of burst for irregularities/anomolies,,,and the tank killers.,..
You can double dot the tentacles in the first and 3rd phase, also the tentacles have a huge amount of health. Plus, re-up dots when waiting off platform for a slam.

If you are the one who has to go after the anomalies, ya MM is probably better, I don't think I've seen a sniper be the one to go after the anomaly in NiM (not saying it doesn't happen, I just usually see PTs, Mercs, or Jugs do it). As far as irregularity goes, MM may be a teeny bit better, but not enough to outweigh the advantages for the rest of the fight.
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