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Looking for Sharpshooter/Marksmanship gearing advice in PVP

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Looking for Sharpshooter/Marksmanship gearing advice in PVP

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01.27.2018 , 05:20 AM | #1
I want to start playing PVP with my Gunslinger and Sniper. After doing some online research I found out that most people would advise playing Sharpshooter/Marksmanship in PVP.

Unfortunately I found nothing up to date regarding the stats I should aim for in PVP. The only thing I have so far, is that I should bring up Accuracy to 105%.

What about the other stats? Where do I want to end up in full 248 gear with the new 236 Augments? Any advice from guys who play PVP with Sharpshooter/Marksmanship would be very welcome.

I intend to only do Warzones in the beginning but want to look into the ranked Arenas once I feel my damage output will be enough.

themasterofevil's Avatar

01.27.2018 , 06:27 PM | #2
As a MM/SS Sniper/GS main who mostly plays PvP, this is what I would recommend:

For accuracy, get at least 106%. This makes a huge difference because without this high of accuracy you’ll miss ambushes and penetrating rounds quite a bit.

Try to get up to 10% alacrity to make your rotation much smoother and quicker (Sniper volley will provide an extra 10% boost when popped). Next, I would get at least 40% crit. I have 2 relics with crit, 2 implants with crit, and an earpiece with crit. To get about 40% crit, you’ll need to get about 7-8 228 purple augments in addition to this. I have 2 +220 accuracy 246 enhancements. The rest of my enhancements is alacrity. The other 6-7 augments should be overkill augments. These will be 228 purples because 236 yellow augments don’t exist for overkill. You can substitute the overkill augs with mastery if you prefer. They will provide small bonuses to all stats if you do that instead.

I currently am wearing 246 enhancements and mods with 236 and 242 armorings. My ambush can hit up to 33-38k depending on if my buffs are stacked and if the enemy has light armor, medium, etc.

MM/SS is good for pvp because you can do 40-50k health with an autocrit ambush + followthrough. They have very high burst and have high uptime for hard hitting abilities. Penetrating rounds (your channeled attack) can do around 20k hp over the channel. You can do 2 back to back when using Sniper Volley. Also, MM is my preferred “dueling” spec because theres nothing that a target can cleanse or something like that. Only issue is when Knights pop saber ward or scoundrel/gs pops dodge. Virulence/Dirty Fighting can be decent but their only hard hitting ability is wounding shots which is easily LoSed or dodged or absorbed. Engineering really has the same problem. Their explosive probe is their only real burst and then you’re delegated to spamming snipe and plasma probe. However, everyone has their own preference.
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