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Marksman/Sharpshooter Rotation, DoT placement...timing of CD's...

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Marksman/Sharpshooter Rotation, DoT placement...timing of CD's...

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01.05.2018 , 02:58 PM | #1
I've come to the realization that if you can make Markskman/Sharpshooter sizzle it's a great mark of accomplishment.

I clock in around 8.5k on the dummy currently. Not bad, could definitely be better. My top parse is like 8.7k at the moment. I'm doing the high alacrity build...but I can hit similar numbers with a high crit build because...I'm not seeing 46-49 apm like the ungodly amazing top parses for this spec'...but that's another topic.

Seems to me that a key thing is you want to catch Aimed Shot/Ambush as soon as it's off CD...which in my estimation means that at the 4 second~ mark (before it comes off of CD) that's where you want to be applying the two Charged Bursts/Snipes which proc' the Ambush/Aimed Shot...

On another note the other money maker is Penetrating Blasts/Rounds and you essentially want to achieve the same thing meaning wrapping into that channel as soon as it comes off the CD.

Within all of this you need to be keeping Vital Shot/Corrosive Dart up and humming...

Now, in a lot of rotations I see the DoT just kinda stuffed in there.

What's typical is CB-CB-TS-AS-TS-PR-TS (Insert DoT somewhere...)

But...timing wise I can't help but think that you should drop a Trickshot (or another instant) when you need to put up the DoT in order to ensure you're catching the money making channels on CD...

Sometimes it seems that I can skip a TS and jump right into the PR, or after putting up the DoT and coming around to the CBx2 to proc AS. it's a good time to skip the TS in order to catch the AS right as it comes off of cooldown...

That doesn't seem to be the case in a lot of parses I've looked at...

So, in general what are some of the timing keys, and best/worst places for the DoT, and do you drop TS as a filler in order to optimize the rotation for max DPS?


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01.05.2018 , 08:39 PM | #2
So the simplest way to put it is to use corrosive dart and sniper volley on cd and then do that standard rotation in between all of that.

To expand that, between every sniper volley, you will get 4 PB off, 3 Ambushes off (therefore also 3 sets of snipe), and the FT after every one of those (so 10). So think of the rotation as 3 full rotations starting with PB with an extra PB at the end. In between all of those you will have filler spots between every sniper volley. You can't fit anymore of the major abilities without delaying sniper volley so you can delay the main abilities 1 gcd sometimes to use a filler ability and there won't be a dps difference because sniper volley is like a hard reset of the rotation. Most of the time you'll end up using those abilities on cd but sometimes they'll be delayed a gcd or 2.

The best way to use those fillers is to keep corrosive dart on the target at all times since being able to use that is not affected by sniper volley. With the remaining filler spots you either use takedown when under 30% (easiest to use right after ambush and the use followthrough right after), sniper when above 30% and energy permitting, or basic attack when you need the energy (will usually only happen twice in a 2.5m parse a bit before a sniper volley when no energy cd's are available if done correctly).

The best way to set up CD to be used on cd for the rest of the fight is to use it right after the opening ambush and to use a 3rd snipe right after snipe, snipe, FT in the opener before the 2nd ambush (first non-precasted). That will make the next CD be right after the ambush, FT after the 3rd snipe.
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01.09.2018 , 01:42 PM | #3
Thanks as usual Shyroman... neat trick with the snipe to set up the DoT placement.