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"LFM 1 DPS HM Foundry (No Warriors)"

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"LFM 1 DPS HM Foundry (No Warriors)"

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03.03.2012 , 02:45 AM | #1
EDIT 2 years later: WOW this got necro'd. I don't even know who did it, he deleted his post. I haven't seen any warrior hate or even Jugg hate since I came back, so this is a little antiquated...

[/End edit]

Don't worry, fellows, this story has a happy ending.

Been a Juggernaut Tank since I started playing SWTOR. A few days ago, I respecced to Jugg DPS (Vengeance) to see how the other side works. After practicing a bit, I finally got the rotation down, did some PvP, got full purple Daily mods in my armor, started running hardmodes, and decided I really enjoyed it. Personal opinion? Jugg DPS isn't just good, it's amazing. Tonight, I'm in the fleet, when I see just about every DPS' dream come true:

"LF1M DPS HM Foundry"

Quickly asked, got the invite. I said hello but no one else said hi back. I thought that was strange, but put it out of my mind. I was nearly to the taxi when suddenly the leader kicked me. I thought that was even weirder, so I sent him a tell.

"What's up?"

No reponse. Starting to think it's exactly what it looks like. Didn't take long to see confirmation.

"LF1M DPS HM Foundry (No Warriors)"

I knew this was coming. I hadn't run into it yet, but I just knew that I'd eventually see it. Elitism at its worst. Even worse was I knew my DPS was good. I hadn't once run into an enrage timer on my DPS build, I could clear content with the best of them, and knowing how easily I melted casters in PvP, I knew I was more than good enough for Foundry. I got mad. I broadcasted this one:

"*** you kicked me just for being a Jugg DPS!?"

A second later, another Juggernaut spoke up.

"Yeah, he kicked me too. Sad day."

Deep down, I expected this. You hear about it all the time, and it sucks when it comes true. What I didn't expect was what came next - it was probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen come from Imp Fleet General.

"Wait... you're kicking them just for being Jugs?"
"lolwhat no warriors? ***?"
"wow that's so wrong"
"LOL noob no warriors *** is this"

The backlash was immense. They rallied to my defense. Sorcerers, Mercenaries, healers, tanks, other DPS, everyone. A second later, the leader sent a tell to me explaining that it wasn't his call. My gut didn't buy it for a minute. He's the leader. The final say goes to him. Even if it wasn't his call initially, the fact that he would put up with it was bad enough. That's exactly what I told him before he made his way onto my ignore list. The storm in general was getting worse. No one was defending the leader who kicked me. The whole Imperial fleet was ostracizing him for several minutes. Another tell came my way.

"Hey. The leader wanted you to take him off ignore for a second because he wants to talk to you... tbh though I think he's just being an ******."

I didn't like where that was headed. It sounded to me like he wanted to justify his actions and then maybe invite me to the group to save face. I didn't actually know what he wanted to say, and I probably never will, because my pride was at stake here. For a moment, it felt like Juggernaut pride itself was at stake here. I wasn't about let that slide.

"I refuse."
"Yeah, good call."

A few minutes passed, and the zone got quiet again. People moved on, started going about their business. The damage was done, and I came out the victor. A few minutes later, General chat started moving once again. A different voice spoke up this time.

"LFM HM Foundry need 1 DPS"

"who wants to bet that's the same group with a different shouter"
"lol yeah"

Well, I wasn't about to jump to conclusions, so I asked to join. Twice. That's when he finally acknowledged me.

"u done this 1 b4?"
"Yes, cleared three times. Hard mode. Was the first Hardmode I ever ran, actually. I think it's easier than BT if you know the fights and don't get bugs, to be honest."

No response. A few minutes later...

"LFM HM Foundry need 1 DPS"

I spoke up. "Yeah, it's the same group. Leader won't acknowledge me."
"lol good riddance."

I was still down a group, though. That still stung. I needed my daily done, and while I love Foundry, I'd settle for anything. No other groups were forming, though, but I wouldn't need to wait long. A new name sent me a tell. It was a Sorcerer.

"Hey. I'm the DPS that left their group, the reason they're LFM right now. Warriors weren't the reason that group fell apart, the healer didn't heal and let the tank die on the first 2 trash pulls. We had 2 Warriors, though, so he blames you guys for what happened. Couldn't even clear the 1st boss cause of him. Doesn't wanna admit he's bad. "

We chatted for a bit and had a few laughs. A guild member, an Operative Healer I'd run with on Hardmodes twice now, shouted for Black Talon. Inspiration struck, and I snatched him up. Another Juggernaut in my guild, a tank who had just hit 50, was online. This would be his first hardmode, and the whole guild agreed, he was ready. He would be our tank.

"LF1M DPS HM BT. All classes welcome."

On cue, the Sorcerer "Need a DPS? "

Did I want a 3-Warrior team? Yes I did, but I believe in rewarding good work, so I invited the sorcerer, and our team was ready. We did not disappoint. We easily cleared with no enrages, even though the healer died by freak accident to the Cyclone Nova in the opening seconds of the final battle (good thing I brought the Sorcerer after all). Obviously, it didn't say much since it was Black Talon, but it was our tank's first hardmode, he was nervous, and I wasn't about to put that much pressure on him by starting him off with something like Boarding Party. The Sorcerer was impressed with my DPS - Elites often didn't last the whole duration of the tank's Force Choke, and we mowed down trash so fast my charge wouldn't be ready in time for the next pull (pretty standard for BT, basically). Everyone knew we were ready to move on to more, but I couldn't stay.

"I need to get to bed, big test in the morning. Oh well. Jugg DPS sucks anyway. >.>"

As I was logging out, I noted the time. About an hour since this whole thing started. One last thing popped up in General, reminding me to put the second leader on ignore.

"LFM HM Foundry need 1 DPS"

Psh. Good luck.

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03.03.2012 , 03:36 AM | #2
If there was ever a cool story to be told, it was this one.

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03.03.2012 , 03:46 AM | #3
Hah, good riddance to him! Elitist jerks, we can do without em eh?

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03.03.2012 , 10:28 AM | #4
i hat this dude i get the same prob as a tank . people see ima jugg tank when i join then kick me, or ask a million questions like im some noob..i been tanking every mmo i everplayed. all i do is tank, i kno how to tank and yet i got these guys who its prob theyre first mmo trying to treat me lika im lower than they are..we juggys need to band together.
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03.03.2012 , 10:32 AM | #5
Showed him. Goodjob
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03.03.2012 , 10:34 AM | #6
I love you. That is all.

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03.03.2012 , 10:35 AM | #7
If we get a combat log that only we can see - OK, we could use it to "tune" our damage - but as soon as we get one that can be used to show comparisons - jerks like this will have a field day.

It's the downside to MMOs in general
Didn't we just leave this party?

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03.03.2012 , 10:36 AM | #8
Wow, I hope I don't come across like that when I'm saying "no [class]" just because I want to do a class run...

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03.03.2012 , 10:37 AM | #9
You guys didn't think of the possibility that maybe they already had one or two warriors, and perhaps didn't want to have to share the gear?

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03.03.2012 , 10:44 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by sgtjohnf View Post
You guys didn't think of the possibility that maybe they already had one or two warriors, and perhaps didn't want to have to share the gear?
Just you and I, apparently
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