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Galactic Starfighter Records (2.8+) v3.0

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Galactic Starfighter Records (2.8+) v3.0

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06.13.2017 , 07:35 AM | #121
Quote: Originally Posted by caederon View Post
Records posted!

..and with that, we have reached
(of this iteration of the records thread)

I am pleased to have overseen the cataloguing of your remarkable achievements in this game we all inhabit. Barriers were broken that I never expected to fall, and many spectacular performances will remain immortalized here in this chronicle of the time between SWTOR patches 2.8 and 5.2.1. It was an unusually long period of time for one set of records to remain relevant, and there are still names on these lists that reach back into the past ages of GSF. Now, though, is the time to look to the future.

Patch 5.2.2 does not bring any mechanical changes to the gameplay of GSF, but it does drastically change the speed at which ships and components are acquired. This, in conjunction with a distinct change in the overall tenor of the game since DvL started, has prompted a close to the lengthiest chapter of GSF history. With the advent of the new patch on 06/13/2017, a new records thread will debut... under new management!

Keep flying, keep learning, keep shooting, and let these records old and new be the spur that motivates you to rise higher.

- Despon
I don't care if you lot believe me or not. I actually own a little over 30% of the strike records.

Records are a nice goal for some. For others, it's just about being the best one can be. Follow your heart. -Siddain