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[GSF][The Progenitor] Combat Flight School

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[GSF][The Progenitor] Combat Flight School

Baudran's Avatar

07.04.2017 , 06:57 AM | #1
Curious about GSF, the Mechanics, the Rewards ?
Want to know more but you feel let down by the poor Tutorial ?
Want to know how to Hit your Targets and avoid getting Hit ?

We've all been there, it can be frustrating.
There are already Phenomenal Resources, Video Tutorials (such as Despon's 'GSF School' Series) and Guides that have been produced by the GSF Community, I'm certain several will be linked below. However, we wanted to do something slightly different.

This Saturday, 08/07/2017, Iota Squadron (ImpSide) and Vermillion Squadron (RepSide) will be providing Training, Advice, Build Deconstruction and Mentoring in the various situations a Pilot can encounter.

Gunship Walls, Scout Swarms, Tick-Bombers...
Recapturing Satellites, Establishing Map Control as well as answering your questions on any Topic including Gearing and, how with 5.2.2 the so-called 'Gear-Gap' can be reduced relatively swiftly.

CFS Attendees will be orientated to our Discord Server, which will be the Hub of this particular Event, hopefully part of a series of similar events.

Why are we doing this ? Well, with the recent changes introduced with 5.2.2, there's been a regain of interest, as well as the recrudescence of questions about Accuracy, Evasion, Tracking as well as the issue of Tick-Bombers, Class-Stacking and similar issues.
What we would like to promote with the CFS is more awareness with regards to the methods of countering such things and reducing some of the frustration that can arise from feeling relatively powerless.

On Sunday 02/07/2017, on The Progenitor, ImpSide and RepSide, we ran a Trial of this Event with a number of Guilds that we are friendly with and, by and large, the CFS was an unmitigated success, hopefully we can reiterate it with this one and coming events.


* Who ? Myself, Baudran/Aarolt, Anuxia, Setej, Yo-Wan/Wan-Yo and others will be your Primary Flight Instructors, all are welcome to attend in the spirit of the Event.

* What ? GSF Training : Fundamentals, Builds, Strategies and Tactics. Discussion, Q&A & Flying.

* When ? Saturday 8th of July. From Reset to 20:00 BST

* Where ? The Progenitor, ImpSide and, depending on numbers, RepSide

* Why ? Because we kinda like GSF, and we want to see more of those tense, nervy, adrenaline inducing close games and as a whole, we want to help people who may be intimidated by the Game Mode to understand.

For those who are interested, I can be reached either here, or on the excellent GSF Discord, set up by Sriia, which really helps with Cross-Server Communication and wider GSF Discussion

Looking forward to it and to use the mottos of Vermillion and Iota Squadrons...

'Never Fly Alone' and 'Fly Victoriously.'
Vermillion Squadron - The Progenitor

Iota Squadron - The Progenitor

Storm-Cutter's Avatar

07.05.2017 , 01:55 AM | #2

I'm sure I can put up a few million credits and some cosmetic upgrades for your fighters to be distributed as prize money. I trust Baud can hand them out to people who take an interest and want to improve. I can also be around to answer some of the less technical questions, too.

I'll try and check-in sometime. - Tho' it's a busy weekend ahead.

GL. - and Thx to all at Iota / Vermillion for making the effort to put this together.

(Might wanna post this in General and Prog forums too if you've not done so already.)

Safe Flying.
-Storm Cutter.
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