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Cross-faction GSF queues would be nice

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Cross-faction GSF queues would be nice

voltaicbore's Avatar

06.12.2017 , 01:42 PM | #11
Yeah getting spawn camped really takes the fun out of the camp-ees. It's possible to regroup at a farther point, but I've never seen any team make a meaningful push back. I'm just glad that thanks to cap ship turrets (and probably more even skill/experience all around at the time) I was never a victim of spawn camping when I first learned GSF. I can easily imagine completely writing off GSF if that happened to me early on.

As for talk of veteran pilot replenishment, I agree that such replenishment is vital. Some of us have been around since GSF's launch, but that of course is a player pool that will only shrink over time. I, too, have noticed several new names flying bombers, but doing so in the most miserable and ineffective way. The hope would be that having more matches with a higher chance of experience diversity would eventually produce more new pilots that make it past that "inert aoe ion bait" stage.
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