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Is SWTOR dying?

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02.28.2012 , 12:59 AM | #501
People will never stop qqing... My server ToFN is great we have 300-350 players on each fleet during peek times and around 200 at other times... In a group of 4 queing we only have to wait 5 mins tops...

SWTOR Isn't dieng people are playing on other servers or being crybabys about something silly like they can't kill an opponent

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02.28.2012 , 01:10 AM | #502
Quote: Originally Posted by Noctournys View Post
generic stat posting makes it better.

i have a hexacore i7 myself (@3.06 Ghz) and I had framerate problems till i updated my EFI bootloader.

The CPU was throttling because the motherboard chipset is set, by default, to throttle the CPU at a stupidly low voltage and heat load.

updated my EFI and i havent dropped below 60fps (with Vsync enabled) once, since, even on Illum. (and im not running a stupidly overpriced 7970, either - just a middle of the road 5870)

Posting random specs doesnt even tell 10% of the story of whats going on in your computer.

Try being a little less ignorant. Itll do wonders for your quality of life.
Yea I know can't really post the spec when I'm not at home to get them but here is a quote from BW:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better or Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0GHz or better

Operating System:
Windows XP/Vista/7

Windows XP: 1.5GB
Windows Vista and Windows 7: 2GB
PCs using a built-in graphical chipset are recommended to have 2GB RAM

Graphics Card:
ATI X1800 or better*
nVidia 7800 or better*
Intel 4100 Integrated Graphics or better*

8x or better

*Minimum of 256MB of on-board RAM and Shader 3.0 or better support.

That is all that is required to play SW on low settings I'm pretty damn sure my machine meets those requirements by about 100 fold, but for me to go through and update everything do everything BW tells me to to get my fps and nothing works sorry not my problem its there end that needs fixing. The fact that the engine isn't even running DX 11 should be a clear sign that they are failing somewhere.

PS: the fact that I can play Skyrim, WoW (which doesn't really count), Crysis on high settings and not have a problem at all shows that it probably is BW fault and not so much mine. So like you said Try being a little less ignorant. Itll do wonders for your quality of life.

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02.28.2012 , 01:13 AM | #503
Its pretty much dead to me. Does that count?
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02.28.2012 , 01:15 AM | #504
Originally Posted by BobaFurz
Swtor Playerbase

...a gif says thousand words:
Rofl omg to funny. That my good sir just made my day
Isnt it the truth

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02.28.2012 , 01:30 AM | #505
Quote: Originally Posted by longgrassgrows View Post
i am saying that, yes, this game has acceptable end game content...or at least as much as i expected it to have

you sir, have no idea what it take to make a game on this scale and i suggest you keep quite because of that
Well iv bin playing MMO since 97, I have a very good idea what it takes. Pve is ok for a fresh new game. Its more then most get at the start.

PvP is complete fail. War, rift, AoC (balance) , many more and soon to be SWTOR. All failed.
Ask your self what SWTOR can do to stop from joining that list.
As if they don't do something they will be on it.

Say no all you like, so did the war, rift, AoC , and all the others. It didn't help them as the games died any way but your welcome to say we k.ow nothing.

Good luck with that.

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02.28.2012 , 01:40 AM | #506
Quote: Originally Posted by Phuzz View Post
How about grabbing your buddies and/or guild and rerolling republic? Ta DA! Problem solved!

Oh no, wait - then you wouldnt be able to post drivel about something YOU are part responsible for and could help fix.
Because I had tons of time when release (Xmas days off work) I put many many hours into my char that I love, Valor 64 is hard when only 30 people pvp at lvl 50 (This might be an overshot)

I should not be punished for randomly picking the WRONG pvp server that is dying badly, please come to Tott Doneeta BW, and put in bots or something to pvp. Xserver or Server Group ques would help tons
Tott Doneeta

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02.28.2012 , 01:47 AM | #507
Yeah, I'm probably not gonna play anymore. Even though I have a bunch of friends playing, the PvP content just isn't fun. The main PvP content in this game is quick-match mini-games, and I find that concept completely underwhelming. There's no persistent open-world pvp, no risk/reward, no siege type events, no territory control. There's just nothing to fight over. You just stand in a virtual line for your turn to play a mini-game that has no effect on the game world whatsoever. It feels like such a waste of an RPG world.

Ilum doesn't count as open-world PvP, it's actually the saddest PvP zone I've ever seen. I can't tell ya how bummed out I was when I got to Ilum and watched a dozen or so people drive around in endless circles.

I don't even see anything exciting on the horizon, just announcements of a new mini-game, and rated mini-games.

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02.28.2012 , 01:52 AM | #508
this game actually flopped faster than age of conan................
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02.28.2012 , 01:54 AM | #509
PvP is what you make of it. There's plenty of ways to go make the other faction crazy by taking over a town or questing area.

Infinite Empire has some pretty fun pvp going on. Queues aren't bad at all. The empire used to rule the roost but some up and coming Republic guilds are making things interesting.

If you want to go where the numbers are go Empire. If you want zero wait time queues and organized WZs / world pvp go Republic on Infinite Empire.

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02.28.2012 , 02:13 AM | #510
Quote: Originally Posted by Xippin View Post
Actually, it is, not the /who in the fleet...but xfire.

To get a rough average you need a large sum of data. That data could range from 100 (very rough) to 1,000,000 (very accurate) as long as it isn't all collected from one geographic location.

Xfire is not restricted to a singular geographic location, ethnicity or financial class, and while it may not be 100% accurate, using the data obtained from xfire is valid. It's the same as polling 1000 people from 50 states breaking each state into 10 sections and polling 100 people from each of the 10 sections. His data doesn't include everyone, but it gives you a rather rough, but valid idea of what is happening to SWTOR.
It's not really the same thing. There's an actual science to polls, none of which was included in his biased opinion article.

It's a representation of what xfire users are doing and nothing more. A lot of people don't use xfire....hell a lot of people don't even know what xfire is. Has the population declined since launch? Absolutely. Is it going to continue losing subs in the short term? Yup. But basing the rate of loss or anything other than data specific to xfire users is silly.
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