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Madness / Balance Set Bonuses and Tactical Items

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Madness / Balance Set Bonuses and Tactical Items
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05.02.2019 , 02:00 AM | #21
Link to Main Forum Post with Google Doc of Failure's Set Bonus and Tactical Item suggestions


Tactical Suggestions:
  • Force storm has all passives of force lightning
    • Fulminating currents
    • Wrath
    • Sith efficacy
    • Chance to trigger lightning burns
    • Lightning Barrage
  • Deathmarks no longer increase the damage of your next 15 periodic effects by 15%. Instead they store 30% of the damage that consumed each stack. When the last stack is consumed, the Deathmarks explode, dealing internal damage to the target equal to the sum of all the damage stored.
  • Force Leech is now a 3 second channel that deals 8k internal damage per second and heals you for 50% of the damage done.
  • Spend life to gain damage

Set Bonus:
  • 2 set - Self Healing from Parasitism, Death Field, and Force Leech can now overheal you, converting the excess healing into a shield that absorbs up to 20% of your maximum health.
  • 4 set - Wrath damage is now increased to 40%.
  • 6 set - Deathfield now applies 20 deathmarks which now increase the damage dealt by each of your periodic effects by 20%.
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05.02.2019 , 06:42 AM | #22
Tactical Item #8: Consuming Darkness changes

Consumes 30% of your maximum health and increase Force bonus damage by 15% for 10 seconds. Cooldown 45 s.

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05.24.2019 , 10:46 AM | #23
Is it possible to give sages/sorcerers a telegraphed ability that works as rock throw did for Gnost Dural. Similar to the Gnost Dural fight in the Jedi Under Seige update that we received back in December. Gnost Dural would throw rocks at multiple positions and the ability was telegraphed via small reticles located on the ground. Allowing ranged players to have abilities that work similar to that would make the pvp feel more intense, make players relearn their beloved class, increase the skill gap and overall create a better experience for players.

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05.24.2019 , 11:10 AM | #24
Sorcerers can make copies of themselves similar to the Darth Vitiate fight in the Jedi Knight Story.
Force lightning stuns all enemies within the area during the duration but does significantly less dmg
Force leech slows the target by 60%
static barrier clones the player it is used on.
overload knocks back the enemies 30 meters and knocks them down (PVP)
Force speed duration increased by 3 seconds
Whirlwind is now an Aoe that whirlwinds anyone within the diameter
Shock stuns the target for 2 seconds
Phasewalk can be used twice in row

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05.24.2019 , 11:34 AM | #25
Force barrier works as a chain reaction, absorbs all incoming dmg then shoots it out once it ends.

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05.25.2019 , 02:52 PM | #26
Least favorite spec in the game because Hatred exists and is so much more fluid in terms of priority and rotation... That being said, I would like to see the rotation be more similar to Hatred in terms of fluidity. I'm not sure how many other people would like that however...

Tactical Items:

Force Storm is returned to the 3.0 glory days (high damage, high force cost, and 6 second channel). In addition, Force storm applies the same rotational effects that Force lightning does except the recovering of 2% force per tick (so it would provide you with (Wrath, Lightning Burns (could do without this one honestly), and Fulminating Current). In addition, Dark Echo now has a 100% chance to occur and deals additional damage (maybe like 50% or something)

Force Lightning and Demolish can be channeled while moving. (probably broken)

Increases the healing from Death Field by an additional 10% (30% total because of the innate 10% and the 100% increase provided by Parasitism), increases the healing of Affliction and Creeping Terror by an additional 15% (for a 25% total. Could also be lowered to 20% since 10% may as well be nothing and 25% may be too strong in PvP)

All life stealing abilities no longer heal and instead the amount that would have been healed is now used to increase damage. (so a Death Field that hits for 10k would normally heal 2k because of the innate 10% healing which is doubled by Parasitism. Instead it will have that 2k healing converted to damage)

Death Field is no longer an AoE and hits one target for drastically increased damage.

Death Field now hits up to 16 targets within 10m at reduced damage (to compensate for the insane DoT spread)

Lingering Nightmares now causes damage caused by Force Lightning to immediately finish the cooldown of Demolish. This can occur once every 9 seconds. (Similar to how Hatred works. Personally, I would like to see this just be a rework of the passive since it should help the rotation be more fluid with a set piece bonus I will be proposing). In addition the amount of Death Marks applied to a target is increased to compensate.

Set Bonus:

2pc: The channel time of Force lightning is reduced by X seconds (however much is needed to make it last for 1 GCD since I can't remember off the top of my head)

4pc: Lightning strike deals X% more damage while a target has less than 30% health remaining (I'm not sure what a good amount would be so let's just say 30% since that's what a lot of the execute bonuses tend to be)

6pc: All DoT damage is increased by X% (I don't know what a balanced percent would be so I'm going to say 10%)

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05.26.2019 , 03:17 AM | #27
Tactical Item #9: Replace Creeping Terror w/ Chain Lightning. In addition, when you activate Lightning Strike or Chain Lightning, there is a 30% chance the ability will produce a second arc of lightning that strikes the same targets for 30% damage. Lightning Strike also has a 100% chance to cause a Lightning Storm, immediately finishing the cooldown on Chain Lightning and reducing the activation time of your next Chain Lightning by 100%. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.

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05.26.2019 , 04:07 AM | #28
first the problem with this would be the fact sith sorcerer has had its abilities nerf to non existence for a long time that the gear is virtually useless from the start they stuff up the sith sorcerer even the companion stand around wont move to fight there is total imbalance with sith sorcerers in pvp warzones and now in flashpoints that the gear makes no real improvement at all,

I played this game since 2010 and I can tell you now I seen a lot of nerfing to the sith sorcerer it use to have a good barrier now anyone can shoot through it as soon as it applied and it does nothing you just watch your health disappear and yet you try to target the barrier on other classes your not taking any life off and can not even get through them and they last longer than what they are suppose to last especially in war zones.

Sith Sorcerer you use to be able to solo flashpoint and survive with your mark for death barrier and over load now you struggle to make it past the first section with a companion on health using full set of 246 gear.

In Ops your more or less now the off hand healer to other cause sith sorcerer really does no damage and can not survive at any range virtual two hits your dead even with 252 gear on in low rank operation mode.

does not matter if you stack a lot of critical, power, alacrity and or what gear arrangement you have Sith Sorcerer has become just a pve class story line character only now.

The original story of star wars is that sith sorcerer was the most powerful next to the Jedi Sages sith sorcerers were unstoppable unless they met there own equal in the force Jedi sage or another sith sorcerer then it became battle of stamina, wits, and skills with the force light saber was pointless as it was shown, revenge of the sith,

The sith sorcerer were also able to protect themselves against army of soldiers with bullets and lasers now come to swtor these days and this is not the case any more its shooters first sith sorcerer last.

Jedi Sage itself just hold it own these days in flashpoints but are useless in ops but sith sorcerers are getting worse regardless of gear and status arrangement and really only one ability force lightning saves it from being a dead class.

The sith sorcerer should never have had there main abilities nerf like they have.

I really want to be able to go to the lower planets too and use death mark to kill 40 enemies to hell that why I got my character to the level 55 in the first place why I kept level it to 70 with command rank 300 I did not pay for nerfing, I did not paid my subscription for level syncing and I did not pay for **** gear rewards.

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05.26.2019 , 02:19 PM | #29
As a DCD, Sorcerers project a force wall that absorbs dmg incoming from the specific direction. Has the same cooldown as force barrier and same effects. Also when projecting the force wall, enemies cannot walk or run through that wall allowing sorcerers to make an escape or buy them time while they plot their next move. Simliar to Fortnites wall build ability.

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05.26.2019 , 02:42 PM | #30
Force throw- allows you to throw an enemy in any direction you want