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Horse From the Machine Gods Progression Thread

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Horse From the Machine Gods Progression Thread

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05.13.2019 , 12:46 AM | #1
1. Kills will be updated on the board only after the team has completed 5/5 + timed run.
2. Kills will not be updated after the initial posting


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05.13.2019 , 12:48 AM | #2
Happy to see that New Shirt finally gets to top a list after that disappoint 21th placing in the Snave Fashion Competition the other day.

Bloodworthy - Tomb of Freedon Nadd - The Red Eclipse - Darth Malgus

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05.15.2019 , 05:54 AM | #3
HORSE? horse big stong horse walking in prairie lalalalala but horse see hat!!!! hat closer closer horse is chill he eating grass nomnomnom but hat closer closer horsy bit scary oh noe it's a boi catcher cows!!!! horse scary now and does big hihihihihihi and runs!!!! cow boi catcher bery angry you not run from me horsy!!!! cow boi tries catch horsy!!! but horsy too quick!!! horsy move move move but boi catcher is angry he summons cow and cow says moo moo and does pain to horsy horsy bery tired oh noooo then boi catcher sling balls to horsy face he sit on top of horsy scream yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa horsy very very mad now he start glow and music start!!!!!!! white glow horsy start changin cowboi scary now music end and horsy not hosry anymore and stop glow boi cow catcher gets scan laptop he got frum mr tree and it says horsy = seadra seadra very stronk boom pow bubble gum to the face dumb boi cow catcher stupid cow gets water jet in milk for paining horseadra kapow boi catcher cow run run run seadra happy eat grass again nomnom
pre nerf Bane of Baneful Banthas
Pre Nerf Bane of Izax
Pre Nerf Revanchist
Deposer of the Fortress
Conqueror of the Dread Masters
2014 Revanchist
World First Tyth
World First Repside Sisters pre 248 gear
Server First EC timed
pre nerf ravenchist
post buff raven
pre German world first repside Nahut (0 deaths)
World 1st Izax repside without memes
World 1st Izax 15.5m (also without memes but with meme people)
world 2nd original roster Gods Timed (no kicks)
World 2nd timed without exploits (knightmera poweru)
world first main repside team gods timed nim impside timed run timed (nightmare power)
World 1st Collicoid Queen 8m HM (no graba jerba)
World 1st Collicoid Queer 16m HM (no enrage 5 stack ez timed)