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nerf lost island vet mode

merovejec's Avatar

05.08.2019 , 11:53 PM | #11
Ok so after viewing some of the comments I would like to say the following:

1. Do stuff with companions only if you know the mechanics and if you are good at managing companions, which is really needed in this FPS. For example its enough to just leave the comp standing in the middle and heal you at the jumping boss.

2. The content is meant for players to be done, not companions. Sure, many players in vet FPS are terrible, but you should give them a chance, you never know.

3. We were doing this FPS in Master Mode for achievements and were 2 people + 2 companions, so it is possible, yet you really need to know how to do what.

4. Lost Island is a special FPS, which when it was introduced dropped operation level gear, so it was much more difficult than other FPS because of that and it stayed that way. Still its good to have such challenges in the game so I wouldnt nerft it.

So in the end, learn the mechanics and try it with people, if they perform bad, explain the tactics to them.
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