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NiM RaidGroup Forming - Status: Progression [Satele Shan - Empire]

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NiM RaidGroup Forming - Status: Progression [Satele Shan - Empire]

VixonDrallig's Avatar

05.04.2019 , 10:25 PM | #1
Hello, looking to build a team for progression Nightmare raiding to get players into the flow of things before 6.0. All trials are welcome although a background in HM raiding or other game references will increase your odds. Group to be run by established on-tier NiM raid lead(s). Proposed times are 4-6pm PST(7-9pm EST) on days TBD by popular demand. Send me a message here or preferably look me up on discord @ Wandrella#2673 for additional inquiries. All roster spots are subject to trial before being locked in.
Co-Founder and Co-GM of <The Legion of One>