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<The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA) - PvE/PvP/Endgame

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<The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA) - PvE/PvP/Endgame

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02.25.2021 , 10:42 AM | #61

Orbital Exception [OE]
  • Mission: Develop best practices and skills to complete Veteran Mode Operations consistently and effectively; enable critical thinking for independent players to analyze and react effectively.
  • Roadmap: VM EV, VM TC, VM KP, VM EC, VM TFB, VM S&V, VM DF, VM DP, VM Rav, VM ToS
  • Faction: <The Imperial Allegiance>
  • Schedule: Saturdays & Sundays at 5:00-7:00pm EST
  • Openings: All Combat Roles

Hello There General Kenobi [HTGK]
  • Mission: To learn, grow, have fun, and clear content as a team; clear all 8m Veteran Mode and Master Mode Operations.
  • Roadmap: VM ToS, VM GftM, VM NoP
  • Faction: <The Republic Alliance>
  • Schedule: Wednesdays & Thursdays at 8:00-10:00pm EST
  • Openings: 1x Sentinel or Vanguard DPS

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