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Attacks that cannot be Shielded or Defended?

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Attacks that cannot be Shielded or Defended?

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02.01.2015 , 05:34 AM | #1
Afaik the "attack type" determines whether an attack can be shielded or defended against. Whereas the rules are

- Defense works against "white attacks", aka ranged and melee attacks
- Shield works against "yellow attacks", aka force and tech attacks

Is this correct so far? If yes, which attacks can neither be shielded or defende?

As for damage types, Armor will help against Energy and Kinetic damage, but will do nothing against Internal and Elemental damage, right?

Confirmation or clarification would be greatly appreciated!

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02.01.2015 , 06:45 AM | #2
Everything you said is right, except this part:
Quote: Originally Posted by Kacynski View Post
- Shield works against "yellow attacks", aka force and tech attacks
- Shield works against "yellow attacks", aka force and tech attacks that are not internal/elemental
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02.01.2015 , 10:25 AM | #3
defense works against all meelee and range attacks, but not against force/tech attacks.
shield works against all kinetik/energy dmg, but not against internal/elemental dmg.
as there are only meelee/ranged attacks that are kinetik/energy dmg shield works against everything defendable, however not everything shieldable is also defendable.
you can look at shield like a random armor component, as it works against exactly the same attacks as your armor does.

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02.01.2015 , 10:44 AM | #4
That clears things up, thanks a lot!

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02.01.2015 , 02:17 PM | #5
Melee/Ranged + Kinetic/Energy attacks can be defended and shielded
Force/Tech + Kinetic/Energy attacks can be shielded, but not defended

Both of the above attack+damage types are mitigated by armor.

Force/Tech + Internal/Elemental attacks are neither defended nor shielded against, and cannot be mitigated by armor.
The only stat that's useful against F/T + I/E is Endurance.

At present no mobs deal Melee/Ranged + Internal/Elemental damage.
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02.01.2015 , 05:11 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Horano_Heresy View Post
At present no mobs deal Melee/Ranged + Internal/Elemental damage.
Revan did, if i remember correctly.
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meisterjedi's Avatar

02.01.2015 , 05:35 PM | #7
Just checked my Revan logs to be sure, but Torparse does not give a 100% clear answer.
The attack in question is overloaded double saber strike and consists of multiple energy -> energy -> elemental hits. The other I/E attacks (heave, the tankvoids and the HK dot) are clearly force/tech.
The energy hits in each strike seem to be melee dmg for sure, as I defended quite a lot of them. However I also resisted several of the elemental hits. Resist implies force/tech dmg, but they only occured when I had explosive fuel up.
My guess is, that EF gives defense and resist chance and the elemental hit from the attack is acutally force/tech.
I can look through some other fights and confirm the EF hypothesis with you on our TS server in the next few days if you like.

Methoxa's Avatar

02.01.2015 , 05:52 PM | #8
At present no mobs deal Melee/Ranged + Internal/Elemental damage.
He is partially right because Internal and Elemental damage always is force/tech. So there is no M/R+I/E dmg but of course there is F/T+I/E damage. I don't know if Torparse shows it or not, used it a long time age. But other parsers shows it. There are plenty of bosses who do F/T+I/E damage.

Quote: Originally Posted by Methoxa View Post
#1 Malaphar : M/R+K/E: 52,6%
F/T+K/E: 0%
F/T+I/E: 47.4%

#2 Sword Squadron : M/R+K/E: 51,5%
F/T+K/E: 48,5%
F/T+I/E: 0%

#1 Sparky :
M/R+K/E : 72,2%
F/T+K/E : 0%
F/T+I/E : 27,8%

#2 Bulo : M/R+K/E: 74,4%
F/T+K/E: 14,1%
F/T+I/E: 11,5%

#3 Torque : M/R+K/E: 65,6%
F/T+K/E: 10,4% <depends on how quickly your dps focus the turrets on the consoles>
F/T+I/E: 25%

#4 Master/Blaster : M/R+K/E : 54,1%
F/T+K/E : 29.9%
F/T+I/E : 15,9%

KeyboardNinja's Avatar

02.02.2015 , 03:35 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Methoxa View Post
So there is no M/R+I/E dmg but of course there is F/T+I/E damage.
Actually, I think Hammer Smash (Malaphar) might be M/R+I/E. It gets defended a LOT but it is most definitely internal damage. If true though, it would certainly be the first such ability.
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02.02.2015 , 09:23 AM | #10
Unfortunately I only found 2 Malaphar kills in my logs without an extended search, but in both fights the misschance on hammer smash was ~5% so it might just be a low precision attack.
Surprisingly explosive fuel didn't seem to have any effect on the amount of resists, although my sample size is far too small to make real conclusions. However that would contradict hammer smash beeing melee and EF granting resist chance as well if theese observations would be confirmed by more parses.