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Sage PvP DPS on Live

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03.25.2013 , 10:21 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Jayshames View Post
There is no denying Sage/Sorc can pull great numbers at the end of the warzone, that is not the point. They lack burst and survivability, basically they just spam the same attack over and over again for 1k ticks. The reason they get such high numbers is because their damage is ranged and it's constant.
Nothing wrong with working the entire team with dots, esp if you have burst/AoE smashers to clean up allowing them to kill multiple targets at once. Burst can be highly over-rated if you're killing people 1 at a time. When playing against the better equipped/smarter teams the best way to get a door/cap a node is to generally kill most of the team so they are on the same spawn timer. Doors get capped, objectives get taken easier that way. Nothing sucks more than a slow trickle of returning players.

Our lack of burst does however tend to suck when we are the only dmg dealer on the team that doesn't suck. The same can be said for lethality snipers and madness assassins...
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