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(SUGGESTIONS) many thing work many things dont.

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(SUGGESTIONS) many thing work many things dont.

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11.09.2019 , 07:48 PM | #1
well first off love the game rather what it used to be and what It can be.

visually it feels amazing.

now long term. to keep players long term. players set goal get max level get max gear do all the content. most of this cant do much about developer side. level gear you get there unless its too hard.
however content story mode should allow friends to help. mostly because people like playing with friends. flashpoint ops and the like.

missions lots of missions. (go kill go get go to take this escort) most wouldn't take long to program . but a lot more missions.

each character should have to get there own gear not legacy pass it and instant drops of max gear.

Strongholds beautiful. BUT they have no point. some things to fix this quests that can only be gotten when in a stronghold. invading others strongholds. when placing companions or pets they should roam around and perhaps interact with other objects (even if it has to certain objects)

level and item downgrading should not happen. makes me feel like level whats the point !!! max gear who cares.
you cant enjoy having the level. part of this is a player who couldn't do something because of not being able to get a group or not having the gear whatever reason couldn't do it at level new exspansion new levels new gear should allow you to go back and do the world boss you never could beat solo if or at least with less people. ops should just be raised to new level not nerf the players to it.
on Tython you can get to level 14 in 2 hours. and at level 11 it starts to nerf you. even if keeping the level item nerf it should be at the least double the planet. flashpoints allow 5 level over level for non master.

Amplifiers = AWSOME. however I shouldn't have to pay constant rerolls to get the amplifier I want from a vender baught piece. allow me to set the amplifier when purchased. allow crafting to craft a use object to set a armoring or mod amplifier to one that's desired.
when buying a piece of gear from the set vender it shouldn't give amplifiers that are useless. (i.e. cybertech bonus to a character that doesn't have cybertech) (pvp bonus at the pvp vender or starfighter at the starfighter vender not something I wanna see on my gear I am trying to buy for ops)
best Amplifiers or gold. perhaps set price for changing a piece of gear to one you want
best amplifiers for set pieces is flash point ops and missions.
crafting amplifiers are good but not something I want on a set piece. crafted gear to get crafting bonus would be good . power napping needs to be on level 10 gear or I feel its useless.

renown boxes are boring. set pieces decorations tacticals need to be added. perhaps unigue only renown weapon item skins. perhaps add like 5 cartel coins as only subs can get them.

keeping a goal minded player long term means getting them to set goals that will take 3 months. and at the three month mark a patch or expansion that adds 3 months of goals so they feel they are always trying to achieve something.

story mode that doesn't allow friends to play through with you or help makes the game feel like a solo game.

THE economy is to high going to the gtn without 50 miliion is almost a waste of time.
remove slot caps for free to play. free to play people can only do low level content such as farm low grade crafting materials. more slots means more stacks at a cheaper more affordable stack. for the paying players to buy. to craft and sell to lower level players.

gear levels this is boring 306 max able to farm story mode or low level planets. this should be changed to something like 280 planets. 300 story mode flashpoints 302 veteran and 304 master. ops should be 306 story 308 vet 310 for master. (also perhaps new set bonus gear or coll fun skins of gear that can ONLY be obtained in ops)

cool mounts mini pets awesome gear looks that can be mission 1 time things or SUPER RARE drops to intice people to farm flashpoints.

Tunnings AWSOME however not really obtainable. should be able to craft some like straps or Daily token but a few these don't have to cause cool effect but small changes to the cosmetics of gear like straps or longer clips would be awesome.

grand gear (weapons mainly) doing all the flashpoints and ops allows a special 1 time mission to get a main hand weapon that has something like a equip bonus. such as every three attacks fires a 4th instant free attack or when healing also heals a target within 5-10 meters of healed target to also be healed 25% of the original target. and perhaps something like when shielding an attack adds a 10% damage reduction for 5 secs can only accore once every 60 sec.

new classes droid master/beast tamer. the abilities would focus on the droid/beast yes they would also get a companion. the droid or best would have to be befriended not just givin. go out find one yellow beast/droid and tame it. becomes permenant until player gets rid of it.

COMPANION gear. was awesome its a shame it is gone. getting companions gear allowed to tweak a companions stats for your playstyle and also gave more reason to farm more gear this goes back to keeping players attention.

theres many more and I can go into detail if asked.