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The 40 Year and Older "Professionals" Guild

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The 40 Year and Older "Professionals" Guild

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06.27.2012 , 10:17 PM | #281
I can't leave this thread ended like this.

I joined this guild and was removed because I participated in the guild's enjin forum discussions to post 1) my questions for my toons on other servers during the server merges (ie: asking fellow guildies where to put my legacy that moved off Lord Adraas...did anyone else find a guild to park theirs in? An officer had mentioned something...) and 2) The benefits of accepting my offer of an virtually inactive level 25 guild for their members starting a World of Warcraft guild together (they were trying to pick a server to meet on then too). Since they were either rolling a new baby or paying to transfer into the server, I didn't believe they understood the benefits of starting it in a level 25 guild, expecially since my offer didn't even open up for discussion (once again in their enjin forums) either for use on the server it was already on or for the guild to change servers.

I thought that is what forums were about. It would seem that if you discuss anything that isn't under their control in this or an affiliate guild, you are considered to be "recruiting" instead of discussing skills and game features. I was not recruiting. I have not played on wow since February. I have not played my Lord Adraas toons since March. I just have one of those annual wow passes that I signed up for when SW came out and an idle level 25 guild I offered up. If you are familiar with the extra xp, farming increases, rep increases, group rezzing, group summoning and a myriad (atleast 20 more) advantages of a level 25 guild in wow you will understand why I knew they were unfamiliar with what I was offering as it was dismissed without discussion. I would think there would be more to joining this guild (collective now) than just being old. We are not senile, after all. However, many of us are direct. We expect our leadership to be knowledgeable and if they aren't, we expect to be able to share our experience... in the forums atleast.

They have changed the core values to require their members to not only play in their guilds (both sides) on this server (Corellian Run now) but to limit all guilds in their 4 core MMO choices to only theirs, or to keep silent about your thoughts related to those other games and servers, or leave their "community". I agree that would be drama to debate this in game. I did not even mention it in game. It matters whether your opinion differs from a handful of the core of the 20 or so officers (between both sides...officers seem to get their promotion as a symbol of becoming part of a clique). Your posts maybe altered or deleted without discussion with you. The majority of the several hundred players who are listed on their website have pretty much rolled in and rolled out (and yes, I did check the activity of the membership on the site and initiated discussions on member retention because such a huge percent was simply here then gone).

I left a 6 toon legacy to include a level 50 to join this community. I raised a 7 legacy family with a level 50 on Sythwyrn in this community. I was removed the evening before the server transition. I was removed from the game guild because the enjin community changed without notifying members that it was now a 4 game community and posts about external options were not permitted. Now I have lost touch of people on the server Lord Adraas merged into and been ostracized for offering up knowledge to a leadership team that is "tight" on the Corellian Run transfer. I think I just wasn't part of the clique. I certainly know of atleast a dozen of the playing members enjoyed playing with me in game. That is about half. I know only about half of the leadership were on and voted when they removed me. I know that being removed from a guild in a game for talking about another game on an independent website server doesn't make much sense to me. Your call if it does to you. I do, however, believe in discussing options openly. This is just such. If my leaders aren't educated, don't approve of open forums on subjects or remove my posts without warning, I don't want to entrust them with my playing leadership.

Just thought I would give everyone a heads up before you spent a lot of time rolling and developing a legacy on the
CR server in Star Wars. I have to admit, I am certainly glad that they can't edit or delete this post at will as well.

Real life experience here. Logic not sour grapes. Though I agree I didn't think it was fair nor what I signed up for. I built a second legacy for this?

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06.28.2012 , 07:53 PM | #282
The Older Republic has officially moved to the Corellian Run server! Come join us for some 40 and Older fun. We have guilds on both the Republic and Empire sides. This Friday at 8pm EDT (GMT -4), we will be hosting the "Chubby Chiss 500" on Hutta. The Older Empire is going to roll a bunch of type 4 body Chiss and roll around Hutta like a bunch of giant blueberries. Feel free to come watch the fun, and to join us, type in /cjoin Older to join our channel. The link for our website is in my signature!