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Message to GTN Sellers

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

02.02.2021 , 10:03 AM | #11
I tired having this conversation 12 months ago. What Iíve come to realise is many people donít really want to make many credits or are actually stupid in the way they conduct commerce on the GTN. If it was real money and they behaved the way they do, they would be broke and bankrupt.

One thing Iíve discovered over the last 18 months is to not engage in price wars or under cutters. They donít care what price they sell something for as long as they are the lowest. That is a good way to fall into a trap of never making credits because you spend all your time farming and crafting for little return.

The next thing has to do with people who overlist stock. If you list 5-50 of an item that doesnít mean youíre going to sell it all. It means someone is 100% going to under cut you because they know if they list it higher or at the same price, they have less chance of selling. So people who list more than 2-3 are most likely going to be undercut 100% of the time by someone else.

The issue is then made worse if the under cutter also lists 5-50 items. What happens then is you have an over supply on the market. Buyers see this and donít feel excited or the need to buy straight away because a smart buyer will know the over stocking will lead to price falls as these under cutters start fighting for dominance to clear some of the stock.

A smart GTN trader will watch these guys fight it out and drive the price down and then buy the lot and relist at higher price, hence creating a price correction on the market. But this doesnít always work because some people are just allergic to making credits and you can have a price correction and then one of these fools turns up and offers a 50% discount for absolutely no reason. In real life, these people would go broke. But in the game with no risks, they donít care.

Anyway seeing as Iíve more credits than I know what to do with and Iíve just unsubbed due to Bioware nerfing crafting in CQ, I donít see any harm in letting you all in on my strategy,
The point is donít engage with the people who play silly undercutting games on the GTN. Since I stopped doing that, I have become extremely rich in the game,
I only ever list 1-2 of the same items at a time and Iím never, ever the cheapest, unless Iím the only one listing that item. Then Iím both the most expensive and cheapest at the same time and I get to set the price
Also list at least 10-50k ďhigherĒ then the next cheapest (yes you heard that right, higher). And try and keep your items separated from ones above you too.
Ie, I might list an item at 220,000 even though the cheapest is 60,000 and the most expensive is 300,000. I will more often than not sell my item at 220,000.
But you need to have a large portfolio of things to sell. Donít put all your eggs in one basket.

People perceive cheap as worthless sometimes. Itís a perception thing and they will by pass those cheap items fast without really looking, where as they will slow down and look when they reach the price they perceive as being valuable.
The trick is finding out what that value is on an item and then using it to your advantage to set the value.
Iím now making 500,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 credits a month following my formula. I craft less, I donít have to spend so much time gathering mats and Iíve more time to actually play content.

DreadtechSavant's Avatar

02.17.2021 , 09:56 AM | #12
You know what OP, I really really don't care what your opinion on this is. What I sell my items for has nothing to do with you. Full Stop.

Nothing else needs to be said.