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Crafting Crew skills broken

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Crafting Crew skills broken

Sickith's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 06:28 PM | #1

Just reporting that the crafting crew skills are broken.

It is affecting
- Synthweathing
- Armormech

The window is just blank like we have 0 patterns, i have even tried learning a new pattern from the vendor and it still doesn't show - that item does not disappear from the training window and if you click on it again says you already know this pattern.

I am not the only person with this issue on these two crafting professions.
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lcharas's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 06:40 PM | #2
Same problem, same tests, same result.

edit: No, I (almost) never play pvp and did not gain any of war hero schematics with my synth weaving / armor mech characters. However, I had (synth at least) pretty much everything else. Columi, Exotech, Dread Guard, Arkanian, Underworld, Dread Forged, Resurrected - you name it.
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Bouricko's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 06:53 PM | #3
Same problem here...

cdmarblez's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 06:54 PM | #4

IrishSeamus's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 06:55 PM | #5
Same problem here for all my toons that are Synth or Armormech

JaingSkiratapwns's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 07:03 PM | #6
Me too. I can't see any older or new schematics on my Armormech.

rwatitan's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 07:07 PM | #7
Ditto here.

VeiledHeretic's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 07:37 PM | #8
Same here.

Heinus_Crime's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 07:38 PM | #9
Obligatory "same"...

Ackire's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 07:47 PM | #10
OK, all of you that are having issues with your crew skills, did you all have the old pvp gear schematics? IE, the war hero and battle master schematics that could be originally bought from the pvp vendors?

I am thinking this is the issue. I had all the different schematics for Light/Medium/Heavy gear on both my synthweaver and armorsmech. I logged into those characters, and neither of them have any schematics showing at all.

Update your post if thats the case, so we can try and get a dev to look at it.