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Planets you hope would come to the story

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Planets you hope would come to the story

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10.25.2020 , 05:43 PM | #11
The massive amount of life on the planet helped mask his (yoda's) presence, the planet was undeveloped, virtually not inhabited by sentients, so was ideal to hide, along with the dark side presence from the cave itself. There are different stories in legends having to do with why and how that cave came to have such a strong dark side presence.

I'd like to see Naboo more than Dagobah. Dagobah would be like Drumond Kaas before the Sith arrived. All jungle.
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10.26.2020 , 09:51 AM | #12
I have no specific planet wishes since I never actually consumed any star wars media besides SWTOR itself, but I was actually quite happy with the framing around Onslaught itself. Having both new worlds and some material to expand on the progression on old worlds is something I can get behind as a "template."

It sort of makes sense to revisit Balmorra at some point, in a similar fashion to how we went back to Corellia, just because I'm unsure how they'd reintroduce Zenith in any other way besides that.

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11.30.2020 , 04:57 PM | #13

I would also like to revisit old planets and see how they're doing now after the events of KOTFE/KOTET. Like how is Dromund Kaas different, has Korriban recovered from the attacks, what's the situation in Makeb, Balmorra, etc...

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12.11.2020 , 06:55 AM | #14
I would like to see Kashykk or a similar world. I really liked that world in KOTOR with its vast woods and cities build into the trees.
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