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Operation mechanics on 300ms lag for APAC players

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Operation mechanics on 300ms lag for APAC players

JacksonMo's Avatar

12.17.2013 , 05:48 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Jstgetitovrwith View Post
It's not that we've all had problems, it's the fact we have to work so much harder to complete the same content and output the same numbers. basically, there comes a point where all you can really improve is your connection, and by sheer distance it can never be as good as our west coast colleagues.
Can you get better numbers on the east coast or Europe?
I don't think they're allowing transfers now, but it could be worth the effort to re-roll.
You wouldn't be the first to re-roll on a new server. Countless others abandoned the dieing servers back before they merged them.

Kufuffelupagus's Avatar

12.17.2013 , 08:51 PM | #12
Yes, it's hard, but not impossible. (OP, you said that in your first post but in next one said it makes the challenge impossible.) I'm APAC, I play with ~240 ping average, but not uncommon for me to have between 300 and 400. It makes it harder but there are timers and patterns for pretty much every mechanic such as the anti-grav field and many interrupts. There are audio cues. If you work hard and pay attention, 300ms won't stop anyone. I get out of anti-grav, red pools, and interrupt one-second casts fine at that level of sever lag.

And if you get what you want, others will complain about content being too easy. Can't please everyone. I wonder if closing the APAC servers had anything to do with those who complained about low population... Well, can't complain about low pop on the Harbinger, plenty of other things to complain about though.

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12.17.2013 , 10:32 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by JacksonMo View Post
Can you get better numbers on the east coast or Europe?

i sit on between ~220ms and ~300ms pings from central Queensland to West Harbinger (get occasional 400+ spikes). pings to East & Europe are even worse.

for most general PvE content, it's not a huge issue. you just have to be right on the ball and shift as soon as you see that you're in some circle of doom. I've not done much NiM or Ops content yet, so can't comment on specifics.

lag is just something i've learned to deal with over the years, for third-person games like Diablo II and SWTOR, it's a lot less of a problem than it is for an FPS game.