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Gharj bug or just fail?

-Neomop-'s Avatar

02.07.2012 , 10:35 PM | #1
I've ran HM Gharj a couple times already, so I kinda know what I'm doing and understand most of his mechanics.

Anyways, I've never had this happen before, but during the fight, about 2-3 "platform spawns" in, we get placed near one of those streams of falling lava. His knockback kept flinging me right into the pillar of lava, causing me to die instantly. I'm unable to be rezzed because I die the moment I do (I'm still in that stream of lava). Had it happen to 2-3 other guildmates in the same instance.

Only reason I'm asking this is because I've never had this happen before, nor have I seen it mentioned as a potential problem. We're re-attempting this on Thursday so I'd like to make the necessary adjustments if possible. I just find it kind of stupid I can't be rezzed if I get knocked into a spot like that.

anwg's Avatar

02.07.2012 , 11:14 PM | #2
Pretty sure this is just an element of the fight, solution is tank him at a different place or don't stand where you can be knocked back into the lavafall.